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2-Pack: Power-To-Go True Wireless Stereo Lantern Flame Speakers

300+ Sold Today

Looks good, sounds good

The human brain is a marvel. There’s really no comparison.

Except dolphins. They’re probably smarter than us. They just realized early on that swimming around eating seafood all day was objectively better than fighting off prehistoric tigers while wearing furry underwear. Then they chose their evolutionary path accordingly.

Large brains. Good swimmers. No Twitter. See? Smarter than us.

Meanwhile, here on land, humans are running around with brains that have all sorts of everyday shortcomings.

We think our phones are vibrating in our pockets even when they aren’t. Yawning is contagious for some reason. It’s impossible to remember that the electricity is out without flicking the light-switch up and down multiple times after entering a room.

You know who never flicks the light-switch up and down like that?


On the other hand, our remarkably imperfect human brains can make for some neat tricks of their own.

We can read books and pretend we’re somewhere else entirely. We can fiddle with our desks and convince ourselves that we’re organizing and not procrastinating.

And on a particularly cold day like the one you are probably experiencing right now, you can gaze into the gentle flicker of a faux-flame wireless speaker and maybe even feel something almost like warmth.

Give these a try. They really are cool looking, not to mention a perfect accent for a cookout.

We’ll bring the dolphin steaks.

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Verified Purchase

Thank you, I am enjoying the speakers.

Written by @ykey - April 7th 2021
Verified Purchase


So cute! Can’t wait to try them this weekend! The flames look so cool! Awesome purchase!

Written by @Pumpkin2165 - April 2nd 2021
Verified Purchase

Great speakers

Love the looks and the sounds of the speakers. Love that I can use the candles with or without the speakers.

Written by @momlelo - March 19th 2021
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  • Great sound
  • Unique, somewhat badass design
  • Pairing for real surround sound
  • The fragile illusion of warmth


  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Perfect for outdoor barbeques, parties, camping and events
  • Create indoor ambiance
  • Speakers connect to each other for surround sound
  • LED light flickers like a flame to provide soft, glowing light
  • Rechargeable using the included USB cord
  • User Manual

Included in the box

  • 2x Power-To-Go True Wireless Stereo Flame Speakers
  • 1x USB Cord for Charging
  • 1x User Manual


90 days


Verified Purchase

Thank you, I am enjoying the speakers.

Written by @ykey - April 7th 2021
Verified Purchase


So cute! Can’t wait to try them this weekend! The flames look so cool! Awesome purchase!

Written by @Pumpkin2165 - April 2nd 2021
Verified Purchase

Great speakers

Love the looks and the sounds of the speakers. Love that I can use the candles with or without the speakers.

Written by @momlelo - March 19th 2021
Verified Purchase

I should have ordered more.

Written by @Shinice - March 17th 2021
Verified Purchase


You can take speakers anywhere.

Written by @Jimijump520 - March 14th 2021
Verified Purchase

Awesome sound, bluetooth connectivity and flame light very cool!

All good quality it seems. Worked great right out the box!

Written by @Bradart - February 26th 2021
Verified Purchase



Written by @zanderguy - February 26th 2021
Verified Purchase

Great service

Written by @karenfpayton - February 25th 2021
Verified Purchase


What a powerful little cute, well designed piece of art!! I purchased an additional for gift giving. Plays and lights up to 7 hours??? These are going south with family in the hurricane belt

Written by @rldrdll6 - February 24th 2021
Verified Purchase

Love them

Work perfect & look great.

Written by @abfortin - February 24th 2021
Verified Purchase

I’m in love with these!

These are just beautiful! I’m using them in the house now but when the weather changes they’re going outside. And as soon as I can find someone to show me how to do the WiFi/Blue Tooth thing I’ll be even happier. I had a minor problem with one and Ariana answered my email within minutes!! She was so kind and funny. I love MorningSave!!!

Written by @turkeyday53 - January 26th 2021
Verified Purchase

Great value-should have purchased more!

Got them for my husband who’s obsessed with blue-tooth speakers and now with LED flame torches. Perfect combination! He loves them. Sound is better than I thought, not a lot of base, but perfect for our gatherings outside chatting around a table. Flame flicker is very realistic, and there several settings for lights!

Written by @jenvetter - January 26th 2021
Verified Purchase

True wireless speakers with flame

It sounds great, easy paring and gives nice ambiance.

Written by @casfaro - January 19th 2021
Verified Purchase

Fantastic flickering light speakers

These cute little candle flickering light speakers are awesome… They put a good sound for their size and the ambience is just great… I particularly like that you don’t need batteries and that they plug into a USB cord…I bought a couple for friends and extra ones for me to put in all different areas of my house and when I go camping… Highly recommend these cute little wireless light speakers…

Written by @frankie10 - January 15th 2021
Verified Purchase

Excellent Sound

These speakers are amazing. The sound quality is excellent. Great price too. What a deal!

Written by @cnegreenhow - January 12th 2021
Verified Purchase

Awesome product easy to use great sound.

Written by @shie1tho - January 9th 2021
Verified Purchase

Well made

Nice wireless speakers with additional warm flame light. Good value

Written by @vegasede - January 8th 2021
Verified Purchase

Amazing Wireless Speakers

These Latern style Wireless speakers are amazing, outstanding sounds and a beautiful display. They set the mood right in spending quality time with family and friends listening to great music.

Written by @wjfreeman - January 5th 2021
Verified Purchase

Speakers are great. Flames look like real candles.

Love these but there wasn’t a charging cord included in the box. I have contacted Morning Save. Hopefully I will receive them soon.

Written by @Acethe3rd - December 28th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very nice

The first speakers came in great time but 1 didn’t work. I notified customer service and they were awesome! Shipped a new set right out and they’re great!

Written by @Tdjacquin - December 27th 2020
Verified Purchase

Merry Christmas There Beautiful

Written by @gailporter51 - December 25th 2020
Verified Purchase


Sorry for the scare. It just took so long. Thank you it arrived in good shape.

Written by @Alyvia115 - December 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Beautiful craftsmanship: easy controls, includes charging USB cables

Written by @wmoore4 - December 21st 2020
Verified Purchase

So cute!!

I just received these and…WOW!. I’m not very tech savvy but even I was able to get them paired and working right away. I was not expecting such good sound out of them. They appear very solid. Love them

Written by @ladysdad - December 19th 2020
Verified Purchase


l Love the flickering light

Written by @dabii - December 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great product

Written by @Vickiefarrell - December 15th 2020
Verified Purchase

Nice touch!

For the reduced price, Nice units for a warm backyard feature. Easy Bluetooth connect! Easy listening

Written by @HenrySue - December 9th 2020
Verified Purchase


I love…these.

Written by @Nefertiti300026 - December 8th 2020
Verified Purchase


They arrived fairly quick, 5 days. They are cute and hopefully will add a cuteness to my New Home in February 2021.

Written by @TonyDee - December 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

Easy and fast

Written by @RAcolver - December 5th 2020
Verified Purchase


Really cute. And the volume goes higher than I thought it would

Written by @BiggShirl106 - November 25th 2020
Verified Purchase


Written by @Fleetap - November 20th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love them

Mt husband absolutely love them!

Written by @mogletree1 - November 6th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love them,thank you!!

Written by @Taterhill4895 - November 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase

Good value

For the price, the speakers are a good deal. Sound is clear and not distorted when loud. Bass is not that strong but based on the overall size of the speaker I doubt you could produce a much deeper sound. Overall satisfied with this purchase.

Written by @Efinn - April 5th 2021
Verified Purchase

Stereo Lanterns

Fast arrival
Super price
Nice appearance
Good sound
Didn’t give 5 since haven’t used them for more than few minutes but so far impressed.

Written by @janice436 - April 3rd 2021
Verified Purchase

If it was a little louder and had more bass and come with a complete charger it would be perfect! I love that it’s light weight though so it’s easy to place in a room on a shelf or wherever

Written by @tomlavious - December 22nd 2020
Verified Purchase

Love the look. They are a gift so I’m not going to hear the sound quality for awhile. Shipping was quick.
Will order again. Thank you

Written by @brooklyno - October 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

They have so much ambiance.

Written by @Deebosch - October 7th 2020
Verified Purchase

It’s not very loud that’s why I’m giving it a three

Written by @Shirley416 - December 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

Could not get the speakers to connect together

The instructions did not provide enough information to get the speakers to connect with each other so only one speaker plays music. Even looking online I could not get both speakers working together. Very disappointing.

Written by @Af2021MnSv - April 4th 2021
Verified Purchase

Bluetooth issues

At this time, can not seem to connect the speakers to one another. They must connect before they will play simultaneously, will try again other than that, may have to return them. They are a lot smaller than described on the show. Sound quality is good and they light is cute… hopefully they will connect, I’ll keep them.

Written by @SharellJ - April 1st 2021
Verified Purchase

They are way smaller than I thought they would be

Written by @pattimamm - December 19th 2020
Verified Purchase

Not as expected

Bad deal

Written by @purplelady777 - December 18th 2020
Verified Purchase

Product not as described

Product not as described The speakers do not work in stereo capabilities as advertised really really would like a refund

Written by @BrianHaskell - April 11th 2021
Verified Purchase

Cannot get surround sound to work

Love them but only work individually
I’ve tried every online guide to make them
Work together and nothing ???

Written by @lquig1952 - March 20th 2021
Verified Purchase

Poor Product

This was the second set of speakers I ordered and received. First set only one speaker worked, now the second set neither speaker charged or turned on. I will be canceling my subscription as I have not had success with products ordered. Thank you.

Written by @gjevans01 - December 28th 2020
Verified Purchase


USB cords are defective and do not charge the product.

Written by @drsidneyokolo - November 12th 2020
Verified Purchase

Damaged and no contact by phone.

I bought six of these and they do not work. They do not pick up the radio stations. some do not stay on, some do not hold the charge at all or would not charge for the first time upon delivery. also when you get these items, there is no invoice with their information to reach out to them. also read the warranty! I did not see that when I order these Item. I am worried I will be stuck with non working Items. I did send an email. fingers cross, hope they respond.

Written by @House2020 - November 12th 2020