120-Pack: Jellifit Immunity & Energy Support Gels

These are best by 3/31/23. According to CNN and the FDA, Best By dating indicates will be of best flavor or quality, but that does not mean they are not safe to eat.


  • Delicious flavored jelly dietary supplements on the go
  • Includes zinc and vitamins to provide immunity support
  • 500mg Taurine and 30mg guarana extract caffeine provide energy
  • Made with real fruit concentrate
  • Comes in four flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Peach
  • Best by 3/31/23 (Even the Feds say you can eat food after Best By)


What’s Included?

  • 120x Jellifit Immunity & Energy Support Gels (30x Mango, 30x Strawberry, 30x Green Apple, 30x Peach)


90 days