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What an amazing toy

I got this for my granddaughter and decided to keep it for myself! SO cool.

Written by @4mypeanut - November 27th 2022
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Amazing product !!

Written by @puut - November 26th 2022
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Love the shark

Easy to use, easy to set up and works like a dream.
we just bought a second some so we have one for downstairs and some for upstairs.

Written by @williamhparker - November 25th 2022
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Great vacuum!!

It is great on hardwood and carpet. Gets close to baseboards. Easy to maneuver. Battery time is excellent. Love it. It is my second one.

Written by @tbradford55 - November 23rd 2022
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Pretty nice

Checked them out, and seem to fit the description. This are small impersonal gifts that will do the job well. Pretty excited for an inexpensive gift.

Written by @jsmokoff - November 22nd 2022
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Great sweats!

I love the graphics. The product was delivered quickly. They will make nice gifts for young relatives.

Written by @jenneffmm04 - November 19th 2022
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Just what I wanted

Written by @markcelmer68 - November 18th 2022
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second Holmes Humidifier

I have owned Holmes humidifiers for 15 years. They work really well and low on maintenance. I am very happy with this new one. Sidedeal had it at my front door in three days!

Written by @bobh73 - November 18th 2022
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I hello. I just wanted to say, that the main theme of people’s poor reviews rang true for my item also. It arrived today. And the part I was looking forward to… the light did not work at all. Very unfortunate my cat played with it for a short bit and lost interest.

Written by @heidimari3 - November 9th 2022
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Loved them. They seemed to run a tad small from my other XLs

I really loved the shorts. But they were too small. I am returning them and will be ordering multiple pairs in a size larger.

Written by @lindymassey - November 4th 2022
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So far I like the purchase I made! I hope they work as well as they look!

Written by @coshie - November 1st 2022
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Simply Brilliant

This compact lantern gives off very good lighting for its size

Written by @ToussaintLH - October 31st 2022
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Power strip

Great for travel, Fits in bag, doesn’t take up much room. With all devices much need travel item.

Written by @1SAMANTHA2 - October 29th 2022
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Cool lights

These things are awesome. Bought eight of them. My nieces love the “light show”.

Written by @rick1503 - October 28th 2022
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Great item

Written by @angelaboise - October 24th 2022
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Muffles out a lot of the background chatter,

Written by @play4brown - October 21st 2022
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The knifes are beautiful and sharp love them

Written by @edchell - October 20th 2022
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Handy wipes for everywhere

Really liked the idea that they are in handy packages with secure openings

Written by @Sandy31347 - October 15th 2022
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Profile too wide for my application

These are decent enough, but will not fit on the outlet I have combined with a light switch as the profile is too wide. Still works well on single outlets, but that is not where I intended to use them.

Written by @pumfe - October 12th 2022
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Nice buds, Good qaulity and price

Nice air buds good price. Sell elsewhere for from 75.00- 145.00.

Written by @bpupster - October 11th 2022
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Shark NV46 Navigator

Easy to put together, sucked up all dog and cat hair and dirt off all carpets!! One disappointment I only got one tool and it says you get three!

Written by @coolbreezn61 - October 10th 2022
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Compact is Lighted for Easy Viewing but Portable

This compact is oversized with led lights to see all your makeup or facial needs. At the same time still compact and easy to put in a purse or backpack to carry around. Just love it!

Written by @JMCaldWW - October 7th 2022
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Great little lamp!

This compact little flashlight / desk lamp is very functional & & super bright as well.

Written by @heidididit - October 5th 2022
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Love these

These are great. Love the fact of the timer, come on, go off, at the interval I choose. Rechargeable batteries. Cannot be simpler and they look so nice in my mantle and hearth.

Written by @terri2dogs - October 4th 2022
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wonderful for my grandkids tablets

This product is great to have for your grandkids

Written by @louise39 - October 4th 2022
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Great product!

If u don’t have power next to the toilet, this biobidet attachment is the solution. Easy to install, works as designed. Not to mention that it came in the nice black designer box with handle. Very estetic packaging.

Written by @sylviajuan - September 29th 2022
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Great coffee grinder

Just made a pot of coffee after receiving Cuisinart burr grinder. Fairly quiet and the grind Quality is perfect

Written by @gferrese - September 26th 2022
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Got a nice 3/8 inch drive set, not 1/2 inch

The container is great, all the tools are oiled for transport. Nice selection of sockets. Very pleased.

Written by @lifernav - September 24th 2022
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Received exactly what was posted.

These arcade 1 up Pacman Adjustable Arcade Stools are very comfortable, sturdy and great for game play. I really like that the stools can be adjusted for height. The padding is nicely designed and the cost is unbeatable.

Written by @Osirus615 - September 19th 2022
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This is worth it

I was very impressed with the nice case. The massager and attachments seem to be well built and sturdy. I have only used it twice so far and have not been disappointed. Stiff neck: gone!

Written by @ck18 - September 18th 2022
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Excellent price for an excellent piece of equipment. Works extremely well. Highly recommend.

Written by @cbarr7 - September 17th 2022
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great price

so far so good. very impressed.

Written by @scottlander - September 16th 2022
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Great item

This is so helpful for my paralyzed mother …She’s able to have this hold her phone to check call, email and watch videos of her great grandchildren. Such an ideal gift.

Written by @Tahitianbabe56 - September 13th 2022
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I couldn't get the color set I wanted but...

I tried them on when they got here and they seem to be pretty nice shirts! Time will tell.

Written by @Jantho - September 7th 2022
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Nice Clock

Love it. Not too bright for bedside. Awesome speakers

Written by @PattinNebel - September 7th 2022
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I love

This is my second order this product serves as purpose I like to have extra iPhone charger in my car because they don’t last forever but they do come in handy

Written by @ssjas472 - September 7th 2022
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Great gift for tired feet

I got this for my mom as a “I will forever love you mom” birthday gift. My mother is a waitress at Disneyland. Very tired feet daily. I just got it today and so got so relaxed so passed out early and mention how nice it was. For me having my mother’s feet and my mother happy makes me happy!

Written by @rick1503 - September 7th 2022
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It's a beautiful pot. A very nice pot...

but the sticker… on the bottom (why? why? why?), was purposefully placed there with some kind of alien adhesive so that no matter WHAT you do, no matter WHAT you try, no matter WHAT solvent you use, it leaves adhesive and paper ON THE FREAKING BOTTOM OF A POT THAT GOES ON A STOVE!!! LOUSY IDEA. LOUSY IMPLEMENTATION. Very nice pot!

Written by @Jantho - September 7th 2022
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Great Sounds

Comfortable, Clean Sound

Written by @Concertpa - September 5th 2022
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Good Start

The jump starter was nearly fully charged and only took a short time to get to a full charge. However, I have not yet needed to jump start anything so I cannot give it a full evaluation.

Written by @azrizza - September 3rd 2022
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Laser candles

Works great can’t wait to use them. Lasers are a unique feature…can’t wait to use them for Christmas and Valentines Day.

Written by @clariceforcier - August 24th 2022

These is the best deal!!

Thank you

Written by @tamy123 - August 23rd 2022
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Amazing deal on these Ivory Ella Backpacks. I cannot believe they were $7.50 each! A couple of them were smaller than I thought but still usable. My daughter is in love with all of them! Thank you for this offer!

Written by @photomama02 - August 21st 2022
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Easy to use. Cheap. Works with iPhone

What’s not to love? It’s small, easy to use, and works with Apple AirPlay. 10/10

Written by @pifreak314 - August 12th 2022
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Great product

The floor police is Amazing! I am a professional cleaner and I didnt think I could finish some regular clients house faster when it came to mopping but I was proved wrong!

Written by @Blur085 - August 11th 2022
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make sure there in direct sun light,for them to last all night, very dim


Written by @cathy2037 - August 9th 2022
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Awesome purchase

Love them. They are sturdy and look fantastic!

Written by @Jhanan1978 - August 3rd 2022
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Great t-shirt!!

The t-shirt is a deep chocolate color. It compliments the colors in the design. I like how it fits & looks. The t-shirt will stretch where needed & go right back to size. I have purchased two t-shirts thru Side Deal. They were presents for my youngest daughter. I have been pleased with both purchases.

Written by @PatrioticCatLad - August 2nd 2022
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Great shower curtain liner

The liner doesn’t curl like some I have had. The price for 2 was fantastic. Liners are a good weight too.

Written by @lime24 - July 29th 2022
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Fits perfect

Really reducing the pain while walking. Still don’t know if I have it on correctly though. Instructions are not clear at all.

Written by @judykkelly - July 27th 2022
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Good quality

Good quality in the stools. Color on top is nice and legs are stable

Written by @AlexGruber - July 24th 2022
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It’s great

Written by @ladyflexx - July 16th 2022
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Air purifier

Great product at a great price!

Written by @3arnaud - July 16th 2022
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Very strong. Looks like I could use for spaghetti sauce and it will not stain. I don’t think it will absorb any liquids. That is important because of smells cleanliness and splinters.

Written by @PMCarroll - July 11th 2022
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pretty compression socks

easy to put on and take off

Written by @kathyman - July 8th 2022
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Price Does Not Reflect Quality!

Pocket tank tops are next to impossible to find, leave alone good quality. These are better than I expected but should have gotten the next size larger the wife says because of 100% cotton. These are loose but not as SLOPPY as I usually wear them. Going to buy more!

Written by @pastorroby - July 1st 2022
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have'nt installed yet

Will write after installation.

Written by @Lashme8k - June 16th 2022
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Works as described

This is A sleek, attractive scale that works as promised.

Written by @wolverineman33 - June 14th 2022
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It arrived on time and looks beautiful. Very satisfied.

Written by @chefmeche - June 13th 2022
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Fantastic Shirts!

Great Fitting Shirts for a wonderful price!

Written by @WmGalbraith - June 12th 2022
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Movie time

Definitely not enough info on this item .
But looking forward to figuring it out an enjoying movie time .

Written by @lynna54 - June 12th 2022
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On time

Loved that they were not abused in the postal system and the price.

Written by @Angrybirds - June 9th 2022
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Having purchased Mikasa flatware before, I expected this to be heavier, not lightweight. I wanted to replace my adequate flatware with something better. This is also adequate, so, unfortunately, doesn’t meet my goal of upgrading.

Written by @joanthemom - June 7th 2022
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Great solar powered lights

Very bright light for solar lights. Has two settings for lower and brighter. Easy to install. Great path lighting! Five stars!

Written by @Tang1234 - June 3rd 2022
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Looks good

Bigger than expected which is good.

Written by @sac24be1 - June 2nd 2022
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Just like the real ones!

Pretty good product so far. My kids love them.

Written by @apmiller27 - June 1st 2022
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Space saving multi pant hanger

Excellent space saving multi pant hanger! So often I found pant hangers will leave a crease in the pants at the point of the fold. So I always hung onto the ones from the dry cleaners as these do not leave a crease. Now I can hang several pair with this hanger in a small space without the annoying fold crease. Smart!

Written by @POLARA300 - May 29th 2022
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Nice selection of colors and blend beautifully.

Great value and fast delivery.

Written by @HariChin - May 27th 2022
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Fantastic SAIJI

I just received this literally, set it up in less than 5 minutes and I REALLY Love this stand. Already wanted to buy more for gifts and they are sold out.

Written by @beasmallwood - May 25th 2022

Great product and price!

It’s so easy to use, simple and intuitive. We got it for the gnats in our kitchen area. Impressive kills!

Written by @SamGribley - May 24th 2022
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Love it!

Shirt us true to size and perfectly fits the feud between the Governor of Fl. and Disney…even though it wasn’t probably meant to.

Written by @gamecocks56 - May 19th 2022
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The quality and value is GREAT!
It’s another wonderful deal from Side-Deals.
Thank you

Written by @chuxfacebook - May 18th 2022
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Just okay

Nothing fancy Just a simple card holder.

Written by @juliemarti - May 18th 2022
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Easy to size

I was surprised by how easy and quick it was to cut my new belts to size.
They fit and look great too. I was able to get rid of several old belts that I have.

Written by @evdarden - May 16th 2022
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High Fiber Snacks

Very delicious great source of fiber.

Written by @jjjohnpopp - May 14th 2022
Verified Purchase

Love it!

The price was right the silver color is perfect and I am very happy with all of the features. I am able to use the timer to shut off in one hour or several. The “plus” to this warmer is the auto off feature included. The two temperatures are perfect and allow 5 minutes to get a refill without the need to turn the unit back on. Wish I had purchased more for gifting.

Written by @amy7889 - April 26th 2022
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Good fit and looks nice in the plug

I really do like this because of the power surge feature. I have several plug-in adapters but it is perfect with the USB ports included We have many lightning strikes in our location and plug allowed for a bit of peace knowing our phones are protected.

Written by @amy7889 - April 26th 2022
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Cute bright and functional

I like this neon cord and spool storage. I only have about 1000 cords hanging around, but this one is sturdy and easy to locate. I would recommend

Written by @amy7889 - April 26th 2022
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Wireless car phone charger

Very good product

Written by @ekimball - April 16th 2022
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Great cables at a great price. What's not to love?

Anker cables are routinely the best cables you can buy. This 3-pack is a great deal- pick it up while you can!

Written by @wishlish - April 13th 2022
Verified Purchase

Solidly Built and Compact....

Love it!

Written by @narikannan - April 12th 2022
Verified Purchase



Written by @jodavidson - April 11th 2022
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Very nice easy to use

Written by @youngwork2014 - April 2nd 2022
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7pcs. Micro water face care srt

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of through products, very large. Packing can be better, the containers rattles around inside can possibly break, but I am pleased with the set.

Written by @msjas70 - March 31st 2022
Verified Purchase

Clean Air

The unit looks good, is easy to use, can be taken from room to room and runs quietly.

Written by @SMALLJOHN - March 30th 2022
Verified Purchase

I was skeptical

I usually don’t order clothes online but I was very surprised of the quality and perfect fit …not tight with some breathing room (XXL) BUT the real test is when I wash it to see how it holds up…

Written by @Kingredd - March 30th 2022
Verified Purchase


All of this set looks great.

Written by @bwakefield - March 30th 2022
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Phone Stand

Perfect design

Written by @Ninh8127 - March 27th 2022
Verified Purchase

Nicest pair I own.

Great sound quality. Love the auto connect and extra long battery life. Lasts a whole work shift without recharge!

Written by @jvlpaintingllc - March 26th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great set!!

Very difficult to get the set out of their packaging but once they were freed I was very happy to add these to my knife drawer and am looking forward to using each and every one. I didn’t expect the sharpener that came with the set. Bonus!!

Written by @dutchesgirl - March 26th 2022
Verified Purchase

Tooth cleaner extraordinaire

Sleek design. Works great so far. Amazing price.

Written by @jvlpaintingllc - March 22nd 2022
Verified Purchase

Exactly as described

Well-made, arrived quickly, can’t wait to use them - thank you!

Written by @blpme - March 20th 2022
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Written by @carl8o - March 18th 2022
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Colorful marker

Very beautiful colors

Written by @dilo - March 15th 2022
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Everything is delicious! I should have ordered more!

Written by @Irynn - March 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

Dad love it

My elderly father hates canes. Loved this! Thank you.

Written by @lourdesbrezo - March 5th 2022
Verified Purchase


Great price for this product

Written by @Adamsm32 - March 3rd 2022
Verified Purchase

Not exactly what I thought it was.

It’s only maybe a twin size. I was expecting a full to queen. Guess I should have paid closer attention to the details & asked questions - ugh!

Written by @tso13341 - March 1st 2022
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vivitar Touchless soap despensal

I love it it’s hand free and nobody touches it, germ free, thank you.

Written by @GRochelleSmith - February 20th 2022
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Handy Stool

Nicely design, so useful zzz a. Probably will order one more for my hard age and around the house work with so handy pockets for tools and small stuffs.

Written by @Ninh8127 - February 18th 2022