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Great quality, highly functional apple watch charger

Nice quality portable apple watch charger. perfect for travel.

Written by @arshavir1958 - March 30th 2023
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Great quality product, cheap price.

Nice 2 in 1 screen cleaner. Microfiber is nice quality and the cleaning solution is streak-free. Easy to refill. Very pleased with purchase.

Written by @arshavir1958 - March 30th 2023
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Package is terrible!

Shipping takes a too long time and the package was broken.

Written by @TonyTan - March 24th 2023
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Stinky boy

Our of the package this thing has a horrible smell. It’s like something Captain Planet would fight. Hopefully the smell dissipates.

Written by @porple - March 23rd 2023
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Bars are delicious

Bars are perfect size for a quick snack, fresh and delicious. Do not worry about the expiration date, they are excellent.

Written by @sunfunrace - March 21st 2023
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They look good !

As promised, we’re donating them to two girls & added a few fun items to make them smile.

Written by @annheron - March 18th 2023
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Very nice electric candles!

These are really very nice electric candles. It’s great to have the AC power or rechargeable battery option. The timer is handy if your using them as a night light, and the laser effect is a nice plus, even though I probably won’t use it much. I was initially a bit disappointed as these are not the modern type of LED Electric flame which looks very realistic. These are more like the “retro” electric candles which kind of randomly change in intensity. But the light is still very candle like and pleasing in the room.

Written by @quasimojo - March 11th 2023
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Best I've had

Ohh just like the y r so delicious u could taste the delicious coconut love this too n they have a lil bag to limit myself becuz the other bigger bags I just ate em all couldn’t stop eating ordering more *****

Written by @HeleneSliva - March 10th 2023
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Best I've had

Ohh they r delicious n best with coconut n roasted just love them hmm ther all gone n all by my self couldn’t stop eating them by time I knew it they were gone * Good *

Written by @HeleneSliva - March 10th 2023
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Very Effective !

Easy to hook up & charge. No Charging Block, but a Charging Cable is included.
Bugs Explode on Contact with an Audible Pop, so you know it’s working. UV light is highly visible to Attract Bugs.
(I would have given it 5 Stars but One of the Boxes was damaged.)
A good buy-except for Postage.

Written by @Blakshaft1 - March 9th 2023
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Good product

Love this.

Written by @deesgems - March 5th 2023
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fast shipping and GREAT!!! PRICES will be buying lots more from here

the item is just what I wanted and the price was awesome and will be using this company as much as I can

Written by @TRANSAMMITCH - March 5th 2023
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Good product

My friends and I enjoy it a lit.

Written by @deesgems - March 4th 2023
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Bad packaging

I comained before and I was hoping to be very pleased with your 2nd attempt but you guys take no care in packaging your items knowing full well how boxes are thrown around during transport. Do better. Packaging is not that expensive especially when the customer is giving the product to someone in a keepsake container.

Written by @deesgems - March 4th 2023
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I have had great

Written by @Nberosh247 - March 1st 2023
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Nice clock!

Like it.

Written by @fgross120 - February 27th 2023
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Great customer service/Defective product

I received a defective product which is a disappointment but Side Deal customer service made it right and gave me a full refund without the hassle of a return!

Written by @raydelotte - February 26th 2023
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This thing is awesome.

This is just a cool product and and very practical. I’ve had it for a day and I haven’t put this light down.

Written by @rick1503 - February 26th 2023
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Crackling speaker

This item would be great if both speakers worked properly. The speaker on the left side makes a crackling noise when it is on, even at the lowest levels. It just might be that this particular unit is defective.

Written by @DeDeDina - February 24th 2023
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Delicious and Healthy

I LOVE this coffee. I love the pumpkin spice flavor and it gives me just the right “boost” of energy without making me feel jittery.

Written by @Rocel135 - February 23rd 2023
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Meh. The best...

Family members make fun of me for ordering from Meh. I went a tiny bit nuts on ordering during the last meh-rathon. But I just received an ARMFUL of pkgs from UPS plus my . 01 Instant Regret box. Ummm… amazing… LOL. Thx meh!!!

Written by @kd4psinfl - February 21st 2023
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It is what it says on the tin!

Adorable and squishy

Written by @naomiseu - February 21st 2023
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These exceeded expectations. My Reese’s loving kid loves them too.

Written by @tjellison44 - February 19th 2023
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It works

I just received my package and try one one my dog. She smells so much better. Plus she seems to enjoy me using the wipe; what a joyful time!

Written by @Sandy31347 - February 17th 2023
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delivered in great condition

We opened up the box and tried one. Despite being out-of-date (as described on the advertisement) the graham crackers were very fresh tasting and DELICIOUS! Great deal and great taste! Got them for my wife to snack on at work, but now the two teens want them for their lunches. I might have to buy more.

Written by @charlochappy - February 13th 2023
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Great Bracelet!

This is a beautiful bracelet, however I do not know of it’s pain help. I think more attention needs to be paid to the working ability of the clasp, and to the placement of the stones, this is why only 4 stars. I had to file the sides of the one part, then have another part pinched to shorten the range of the hinge so that the part would then get to where it needed to be to actually close. It fits great now, even though long. It would be nice if there was a way to order the length.

Written by @Jazz67 - February 12th 2023
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Perfect small saw for the price

Does what I need it to do , stouts me from dragging out the 7 1/4

Written by @djfitzp2822 - February 12th 2023
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Service review

Delayed shipment due to winter storm (a week) …short shelf life ( 3 week until expiration date)… But will try to order other things, just for the deals

Written by @Rkrford - February 12th 2023
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Totally satisfied

Package received in very good condition. Product tastes great. Love these things. Good price and very happy.

Written by @jhyde001 - February 8th 2023
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A great and nutritious snack…

The mini bars are delicious and guilt free.

Written by @gvaldezsa - February 4th 2023
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This is so delicious! Keeps me awake in the wee morning hours as I deliver newspapers! Thanks for keeping awake while I’m driving!

Written by @Hummingbird8 - February 2nd 2023
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Love it!

Works exactly as described. Hubby put it together with minimal cursing. I love it. An affordable sit stand station that works by pushing a button vs loosening and raising manually. Yasss

Written by @ATM60 - January 31st 2023
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For the golfer.

My husband goes through golf hats like crazy and he really liked them. Would like to see these again in more colors.

Written by @hookedonshoppin - January 20th 2023
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Good buy!

Got exactly what was promised and the shipping didn’t take very long.

Written by @nickddean - January 20th 2023
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Awesome rc loader

This is so much fun! Easy to control. Well built and strong lifting ability. A great addition to my RC collection!

Written by @drnitrochris - January 20th 2023
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Love it

I love it !

Written by @wakko01 - January 17th 2023
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These are great

These are really great I ordered the can type and shared with a friend and she loves them as well so I ordered another set! Great quality! Thank you!!

Written by @beckiesams - January 12th 2023
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way better than expected

Feels strong, good pressure, did wonders for my shoulder knots that would normally take a lot of rubbing. It’s not magic, but it sure helps.

Written by @quantumturk - January 11th 2023
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Smors on the go

Real neat marshmallows. 5 seconds in microwave and a gram cracker. Bingo

Written by @Bigblue1169 - January 9th 2023
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Sidedeal once again great job. Another success Delivery

Written by @Greg1974dav - January 9th 2023
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The shape is more comfortable than traditionally shaped neck pillows. Comes in a pouch for storage. I am gifting my second one to my sister.

Written by @lollyann - January 9th 2023
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Good color, quality and weight!

Written by @rosezetta - January 6th 2023
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Just what I needed for body aches. Love the usable size and convenient case

Written by @Rowleyl6 - January 2nd 2023
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Great Idea

Written by @dalegaux - December 24th 2022
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Loved it.

Easy to assemble, I like that I can wash the pads in the sink by hand, (I wear gloves) and start all over again.

Written by @sunshineGGGG - December 22nd 2022
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As advertised!

Sturdy but flexible. I use it for an iPad and my cell phone and both stay put. I ordered some for friends and they love it too!

Written by @bavilesto - December 17th 2022
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I was very Pleased!

I was pleased and very satisfied with this product. I was so pleased that I placed an order for two more orders.

Written by @Thomas1910 - December 17th 2022

Wonderful device.

This product give an amazing massage with the benefit of heat. Very effective on stiff and tight muscles. I highly recommend this product.

Written by @sherrymwv - December 14th 2022
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Neck massager

It’s quite good and I am using for my legs also.

Written by @sangha44 - December 14th 2022
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This thing is a beast. Easy to set it up. Took 3 days to find all the rooms in my house - single story 1800 sq ft, mix of tile and carpet. It seems to like the carpet areas, will spend more time on them than the tile. Good for pet hair. No tangles in the brush yet. During one cleaning it will return to the base to empty once, return a second time to empty + charge, then finish the house before the final return to base. It maneuvers methodically in rows, and will climb over and under anything, the wheels have at least 2 inches of travel.

Written by @jamief44 - December 14th 2022
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I apologize

I was up set at the time of my first review because of the mix up.
And Sidedeal made it right the 2nd time. So what I am trying to say is I m sorry and Sidedeal is for real and a very cool site to order from. Hey I did and I will continue to. Actually im going to make another order

Thank You

Written by @Greg1974dav - December 13th 2022
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Didn't believe I'd get it

Thought this was a scale until I got my 4 packs of Nutraburst. Great deals

Written by @mesha4786 - December 12th 2022
Verified Purchase

Wonderful sounds

Awesome! Works like a charm and I slept so well my 1st night using it.

Written by @christinemcm - December 11th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great for my 3 granddaughters

They all loved this drawing machine. Great purchase

Written by @abreckpg - December 11th 2022
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Beautiful mahogany color. Just the right size. Will be my winter purse!

Written by @docwaldo1 - December 6th 2022
Verified Purchase

This is for real

The design is really great insofar as the magnetic concept, the ability to detach the light from the base is a really great idea. The on/off switch is an adventure to make work. Expect a long delay in shipping. I would definitely buy it again.

Written by @charlesjetmore - December 4th 2022
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Best wireless earbuds at this price range

I really like these earbuds.

Written by @jianxinge - December 3rd 2022
Verified Purchase

So much regret!

It was just as advertised! My kitchen has never been cleaner! I lost 15 lbs the first week! On those quiet, moonless nights… I can hear the vibrations of the universe.

Written by @Absynth - December 3rd 2022
Verified Purchase

What an amazing toy

I got this for my granddaughter and decided to keep it for myself! SO cool.

Written by @4mypeanut - November 27th 2022
Verified Purchase


Amazing product !!

Written by @puut - November 26th 2022
Verified Purchase

Love the shark

Easy to use, easy to set up and works like a dream.
we just bought a second some so we have one for downstairs and some for upstairs.

Written by @williamhparker - November 25th 2022
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Great vacuum!!

It is great on hardwood and carpet. Gets close to baseboards. Easy to maneuver. Battery time is excellent. Love it. It is my second one.

Written by @tbradford55 - November 23rd 2022
Verified Purchase

Pretty nice

Checked them out, and seem to fit the description. This are small impersonal gifts that will do the job well. Pretty excited for an inexpensive gift.

Written by @jsmokoff - November 22nd 2022
Verified Purchase

Great sweats!

I love the graphics. The product was delivered quickly. They will make nice gifts for young relatives.

Written by @jenneffmm04 - November 19th 2022
Verified Purchase


Just what I wanted

Written by @markcelmer68 - November 18th 2022
Verified Purchase

second Holmes Humidifier

I have owned Holmes humidifiers for 15 years. They work really well and low on maintenance. I am very happy with this new one. Sidedeal had it at my front door in three days!

Written by @bobh73 - November 18th 2022
Verified Purchase


I hello. I just wanted to say, that the main theme of people’s poor reviews rang true for my item also. It arrived today. And the part I was looking forward to… the light did not work at all. Very unfortunate my cat played with it for a short bit and lost interest.

Written by @heidimari3 - November 9th 2022
Verified Purchase

Loved them. They seemed to run a tad small from my other XLs

I really loved the shorts. But they were too small. I am returning them and will be ordering multiple pairs in a size larger.

Written by @lindymassey - November 4th 2022
Verified Purchase


So far I like the purchase I made! I hope they work as well as they look!

Written by @coshie - November 1st 2022
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Simply Brilliant

This compact lantern gives off very good lighting for its size

Written by @ToussaintLH - October 31st 2022
Verified Purchase

Power strip

Great for travel, Fits in bag, doesn’t take up much room. With all devices much need travel item.

Written by @1SAMANTHA2 - October 29th 2022
Verified Purchase

Cool lights

These things are awesome. Bought eight of them. My nieces love the “light show”.

Written by @rick1503 - October 28th 2022
Verified Purchase


Great item

Written by @angelaboise - October 24th 2022
Verified Purchase


Muffles out a lot of the background chatter,

Written by @play4brown - October 21st 2022
Verified Purchase


The knifes are beautiful and sharp love them

Written by @edchell - October 20th 2022
Verified Purchase

Handy wipes for everywhere

Really liked the idea that they are in handy packages with secure openings

Written by @Sandy31347 - October 15th 2022
Verified Purchase

Profile too wide for my application

These are decent enough, but will not fit on the outlet I have combined with a light switch as the profile is too wide. Still works well on single outlets, but that is not where I intended to use them.

Written by @pumfe - October 12th 2022
Verified Purchase

Nice buds, Good qaulity and price

Nice air buds good price. Sell elsewhere for from 75.00- 145.00.

Written by @bpupster - October 11th 2022
Verified Purchase

Shark NV46 Navigator

Easy to put together, sucked up all dog and cat hair and dirt off all carpets!! One disappointment I only got one tool and it says you get three!

Written by @coolbreezn61 - October 10th 2022
Verified Purchase

Compact is Lighted for Easy Viewing but Portable

This compact is oversized with led lights to see all your makeup or facial needs. At the same time still compact and easy to put in a purse or backpack to carry around. Just love it!

Written by @JMCaldWW - October 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great little lamp!

This compact little flashlight / desk lamp is very functional & & super bright as well.

Written by @heidididit - October 5th 2022
Verified Purchase

Love these

These are great. Love the fact of the timer, come on, go off, at the interval I choose. Rechargeable batteries. Cannot be simpler and they look so nice in my mantle and hearth.

Written by @terri2dogs - October 4th 2022
Verified Purchase

wonderful for my grandkids tablets

This product is great to have for your grandkids

Written by @louise39 - October 4th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great product!

If u don’t have power next to the toilet, this biobidet attachment is the solution. Easy to install, works as designed. Not to mention that it came in the nice black designer box with handle. Very estetic packaging.

Written by @sylviajuan - September 29th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great coffee grinder

Just made a pot of coffee after receiving Cuisinart burr grinder. Fairly quiet and the grind Quality is perfect

Written by @gferrese - September 26th 2022
Verified Purchase

Got a nice 3/8 inch drive set, not 1/2 inch

The container is great, all the tools are oiled for transport. Nice selection of sockets. Very pleased.

Written by @lifernav - September 24th 2022
Verified Purchase

Received exactly what was posted.

These arcade 1 up Pacman Adjustable Arcade Stools are very comfortable, sturdy and great for game play. I really like that the stools can be adjusted for height. The padding is nicely designed and the cost is unbeatable.

Written by @Osirus615 - September 19th 2022
Verified Purchase

This is worth it

I was very impressed with the nice case. The massager and attachments seem to be well built and sturdy. I have only used it twice so far and have not been disappointed. Stiff neck: gone!

Written by @ck18 - September 18th 2022
Verified Purchase


Excellent price for an excellent piece of equipment. Works extremely well. Highly recommend.

Written by @cbarr7 - September 17th 2022
Verified Purchase

great price

so far so good. very impressed.

Written by @scottlander - September 16th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great item

This is so helpful for my paralyzed mother …She’s able to have this hold her phone to check call, email and watch videos of her great grandchildren. Such an ideal gift.

Written by @Tahitianbabe56 - September 13th 2022
Verified Purchase

I couldn't get the color set I wanted but...

I tried them on when they got here and they seem to be pretty nice shirts! Time will tell.

Written by @Jantho - September 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

Nice Clock

Love it. Not too bright for bedside. Awesome speakers

Written by @PattinNebel - September 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

I love

This is my second order this product serves as purpose I like to have extra iPhone charger in my car because they don’t last forever but they do come in handy

Written by @ssjas472 - September 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great gift for tired feet

I got this for my mom as a “I will forever love you mom” birthday gift. My mother is a waitress at Disneyland. Very tired feet daily. I just got it today and so got so relaxed so passed out early and mention how nice it was. For me having my mother’s feet and my mother happy makes me happy!

Written by @rick1503 - September 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

It's a beautiful pot. A very nice pot...

but the sticker… on the bottom (why? why? why?), was purposefully placed there with some kind of alien adhesive so that no matter WHAT you do, no matter WHAT you try, no matter WHAT solvent you use, it leaves adhesive and paper ON THE FREAKING BOTTOM OF A POT THAT GOES ON A STOVE!!! LOUSY IDEA. LOUSY IMPLEMENTATION. Very nice pot!

Written by @Jantho - September 7th 2022
Verified Purchase

Great Sounds

Comfortable, Clean Sound

Written by @Concertpa - September 5th 2022
Verified Purchase

Good Start

The jump starter was nearly fully charged and only took a short time to get to a full charge. However, I have not yet needed to jump start anything so I cannot give it a full evaluation.

Written by @azrizza - September 3rd 2022
Verified Purchase

Laser candles

Works great can’t wait to use them. Lasers are a unique feature…can’t wait to use them for Christmas and Valentines Day.

Written by @clariceforcier - August 24th 2022

These is the best deal!!

Thank you

Written by @tamy123 - August 23rd 2022