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Thiese are great!

A great FIT! These fit better than anything I’ve tried before. The dexterity is great. Highly recommended.

Written by @JohnJPowell - December 7th 2023
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3 for the price of one.

I like the contrast trim.

Written by @1949jerry - December 4th 2023
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i guess i don't know what i expected

i got a bunch of hand sanitizer and a teapot that won’t work on my induction stove.

Written by @octoturt - December 3rd 2023
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Quality Jacket

Wind water resistant and warm. Liked it so much I bought four.

Written by @1949jerry - December 3rd 2023
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As advertised

Great deal on this product

Written by @user92100761 - December 2nd 2023
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One person's trash is another ones treasure

Despite getting a nearly identical set of items to someone who considered everything as trash, enough of the junk was treasure to me.

Note that the price and terms vary each time these are offered. This one cost $30 but included $10 off of a separate qualifying purchase. In this case, I was going to make the other purchase anyway. So net cost to me was $20 this time.

Written by @hamjudo - December 2nd 2023
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Much Better Than Advertised or Expected

IRK @ $30 US, minus $20 against the product I wanted anyway from Meh (which was 60% less than I paid for the first one I owned), a kitchen item I needed, and some throw-ins my family has already claim. The only regret for me is that I never bought one of these before.

Written by @mehclain - December 2nd 2023
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This was a wild ride for sure

the box was something i didnt expect for sure, and the contents provided much less regret than i was expecting. all in a wild ride

Written by @katzmatt - December 1st 2023
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Got a whole case +1 of obsolete trackr pixels!

Got a whole case of obsolete trackr pixels! Plus 2 meh fukuboru shopping bags, 2 phone back ring stands, 1 large bottle of hand sanitizer, and a box of Love Corn. Got the Trackr working with a new battery and the Swiftfinder app.

Written by @kimolito - November 29th 2023
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They are a bit too small for my head

They fit my wife and kids perfectly. I found that with a strip of double sided velcro (the kind you use for bundling cables), I can extend for myself. They are very fuzzy and warm ^_^

Written by @Trevalyon - November 29th 2023
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Great deal and product (at this price)

Really like all parts of this set, but cannot fathom buying it at list price. Bought the first on meh, and used this to kit us out for the next year. Definitely worth it for this cost.

Written by @okham - November 24th 2023
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Nice Headband But Short

Not long enough to fit US Hat size 7-1/4. Incredible Customer Service though! Recommend adding size/length to description.

Written by @doperky - November 23rd 2023
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Can't believe how comfortable these feel

The zipper pocket isn’t big enough for a phone, but wallet/keys, it’s absolutely perfect for!

Written by @Trevalyon - November 23rd 2023
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Simple and handy

I am 230 pounds and it held me just fine. It had no give and was sturdy

Written by @tpkoons - November 14th 2023
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Sturdy & Adorable

This set is terrific. I expected it to be smaller & no where near the sturdy quality it turned out to be. This will last for years of fun with the Grandkids!

Written by @Dian5 - November 10th 2023
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it’s a little tedious on the setup but once you get through that it seems to work OK. Colors work good. i got these so i could change the colors without going outside.Did a great job on shipping and so far I only had time to fool with a single unit seem to be fine.

Written by @valentinedale28 - November 4th 2023
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Wonderful Service

It was a mix-up with my order and within no time customer service took care of it.

Written by @savoyclark - November 4th 2023
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So fun!

I legit didn’t know what to expect. This was our first time buying one of these, but we knew it would be fun and funny regardless of what came in it based on the description. We were not disappointed! So funny just seeing all the random things they put in the box; some actually semi-useful, some not. Nonetheless, I will definitely be doing this again!

Written by @jtruman88 - October 31st 2023
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Amazing 👏

Got a awesome 3 piece Olympia Lancer Hardcase set of suitcases and some other goodies to boot! Yall are the best

Written by @kwasser1988 - October 31st 2023
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Killer deal

Ended up with a nice Shark bagless pet vacuum and some random odds and ends. Awesome!

Written by @baus7 - October 29th 2023
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Got some good stuff

I would say I got my moneys worth this round! Good job packing

Written by @angelafay90 - October 28th 2023
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Homedics thermometer

Very quick to read temperature. So easy to install batteries with a push of a button. It was very lightweight and a nice storage bag that came with it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I bought two, one for upstairs and one down stairs.

Written by @crawdad59 - October 27th 2023
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Great Item - RUNS SMALL

Love the soft fabric. Well made and stitched. Sizes run small, with a 3X equal to about an American LARGE. Excellent customer service.

Written by @user32151133 - October 22nd 2023
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Stuck to wrapper

The candy had the inside wrapper stuck to it , had to run warm water over it to get it off.
but the candy does have a great taste.

Written by @Jeffblakey - October 21st 2023
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Great product bought 4 of them 👍.

Love them.

Written by @noodle1x - October 18th 2023
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Excellent add-on for emergency kit.

Very bright. Easy to operate. Great addition to emergency kit for your car.

Written by @halhart - October 16th 2023
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Tastes very bitter!

The Mocha tastes very bitter to me, like burnt coffee after it’s sat all day. However, SideDeal customer support addressed this right away and was absolutely superb!

Written by @DIYdee - October 15th 2023
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Very Good!

Love dark roast and this is great. like it as much if not better that the other brand. Vitamins are an added value

Written by @mossee13 - October 13th 2023
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Customer service is amazing

I purchased a product, not realizing that it was expired. Customer service proactively made things right I would definitely give this company another chance.

Written by @kkeene19703 - October 12th 2023
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Customer Service was fantastic

I can only speak to my personal experience but I was given excellent customer service on the purchase and “return” offer made by the company. They reached out to me and resolved my order delimma without hesitation. I would definitely recommend this company to any and all that are “first-time” buyers or regular customers. They stand by their products and again they reached out to me regarding my order and took care of the issue. Five Stars for prompt and courteous customer care.

Written by @criminaltracker - October 12th 2023
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Emergency Road Flares

Great price!

Written by @debraconnelly41 - October 7th 2023
Verified Purchase

Different colors

Jeans fit well and my husband likes them! We were both disappointed that the lightest color was not included with our order. He got three of same color; not ideal.

Written by @kriskella - October 4th 2023
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Brilliant speakers!

Sounds great and we’ll built. Good bluetooth speakers for the price!

Written by @newtekdb824 - September 30th 2023
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Coffee is a bitter, foul and corrosive beverage I am hooked on.

This is the good stuff. I ordered some from meh and now I am hooked. No other brand will do it for me anymore.

Written by @lonnyzone - September 29th 2023
Verified Purchase

Perfect for watching and Facetime/camera calls

Tired of seeing my family on calls from the chin up. Now the device is up at eye-level and a WAY better view.
Lighter than my other stand
Sturdy base
Secure grip on device
Red handles which are easy for my family to find
a bit stiff at the joints and extension, but should loosen as time goes on.
Good deal.

Written by @gustador - September 26th 2023
Verified Purchase


You Can’t beat the price for this unit

Written by @Wiggins1960 - September 21st 2023
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Work great !!! Keep them in your vehicles !!!

I’ve used them already to identify my disabled vehicle to the tow truck driver. They also provided a high degree of visibility to other drivers to avoid colliding with my vehicle. So much safer than flares, more visible than reflective triangles or cones.

Written by @9083 - September 21st 2023
Verified Purchase

Easy to see!

Can’t misplace phone with this !

Written by @Sandy31347 - September 16th 2023
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My refund experience

I just want to say if ever you have an issue with your damaged package. Like I had 4 the 1st time do not worry, SIDE DEAL will have ur back I’m so happy to say they took care of my issues immediately! thank you so much

Written by @Doraolivas - September 15th 2023
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Nice gift

This was a perfect fit for my nieces.

Written by @rick1503 - September 14th 2023
Verified Purchase

Customer service is great

One of my ear buds didn’t work, but customer service made it right without any fuss. Thank you.

Written by @lancaster1900 - September 7th 2023
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Grinds Well

It does grind well however it is very noisy. Everyone in the area knows when you are grinding coffee!

Written by @fitzgerealdj41 - September 6th 2023
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First time receiver

The things I had in the box was medium level items. Never received my mech. Items my thoughts on participating next time we will see

Written by @yellowgirl36 - August 21st 2023
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Crunchy but not too crunchy

Not quite the crunch of Cornuts and a little smaller too. Flavor is a little light on the cheesy side which is o.k. with me. Only complaint is on the nutrition label. Serving size for most snacks is 1 oz. Nutrition label on the package is also 1 oz. but the package is 1.6 oz. Who opens the package and only eats 1 oz? Put nutrition label for the entire package size, 1.6 oz. instead of 1 oz. That way, I don’t have to calculate the calories I am actually eating. My Fitbit app would love that.

Written by @rcwbbb - August 19th 2023
Verified Purchase

Starter set?

If you’re looking for a starter set this one’s for you. Very disappointed with this set. Will have to save a few pieces from my old pots/pans due to the small sizes in this set.

Written by @gloriahahn - August 19th 2023
Verified Purchase

Socks are nice

I’m really disappointed in the shipping of the items I ordered

Written by @GeorgeCole - August 19th 2023
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Most disappointing IRK yet. I love it!

As far as the contents, nothing much to write home about but I still love the thrill of opening one of these boxes of junk.

Written by @squishybrain - August 18th 2023
Verified Purchase

Absolutely Beautiful!

I received my turquoise copper bracelet today, and it is more beautiful than the website pictures! I LOVE IT!!! I just might have to purchase a few more for gifts.

Written by @ronna999 - August 14th 2023
Verified Purchase



Written by @wwilliams59 - August 14th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great for Air Fryer

Size is great for above!

Written by @Davey1977 - August 1st 2023
Verified Purchase

Best Underwear

Perhaps the best underwear I have ever owned. Very comfortable!

Written by @genuineLL - August 1st 2023
Verified Purchase

Super thin & runs small

Well, I was hoping they would be a bit thicker. Super thin & run a bit small.
Wouldn’t recommend

Written by @carlalorenzetti - July 27th 2023
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I am in love with these oils!

I ordered these oils for my nephew. He fell in love with them. They calmed him when he needed them. Now he’s promoting me to get them for myself. I will give it a good try.

Written by @busbus - July 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Approved by the Spouse

Comfortable, easy to clean. Dries fast. Cooler than our previous waaay more expensive one!

Written by @akhuffman - July 25th 2023
Verified Purchase

Delicious and Healthy

I love this coffee! So happy I have found it at Side Deal because I can’t afford to pay full price.

Written by @Rocel135 - July 22nd 2023
Verified Purchase

Very little flavor

I have been on a keto diet for a while. It is hard to find snacks that have flavor and not too many carbs. I was hopeful, but despite the double-chocolate name, these have little flavor. They are better than nothing, but not as good as I had hoped.

Written by @garciamary - July 22nd 2023
Verified Purchase

Best Deal Ever

When, I made my order I thought the price that was to good to be true so I got 2. It’s true and ever better than I thought, it’s was very High Quality and Arrived on time.

Written by @Jmichaelhouse - July 22nd 2023
Verified Purchase

Great underwear. Size up!

I love these, but it took me two tries to get a good fit. Go up two sizes, trust me.

Written by @marksullivan5 - July 21st 2023
Verified Purchase

Exemplary customer service. Lousy product.

Quite a mixed bag. The texture of the kernels is great, maybe preferable to the name brand product. But the flavor is incipid. “Cheezy” has neither cheese nor cheese flavor. It has just enough “meh” flavor to drown out the corn flavor.

However the shining star of the whole experience is their customer service. They noticed my lousy experience with the product in my review and offered a full and prompt refund. I couldn’t have hoped for a more competent or satisfactory reaction from any company, even those known for stellar customer service. THANK YOU!

Written by @lowdough - July 18th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great Product

I was surprised with the quality and the size. I thought it would be smaller. I will be using this everywhere. It’s a Happy Purchase.

Written by @Joann321 - July 2nd 2023
Verified Purchase

Perfect gift!

Well received by all

Written by @tothepenni - June 27th 2023
Verified Purchase

Love Corn is so Good!

I am NUTS over Love Corn. My favorite flavor is the Sea Salt. I want a huge box of those! Thanks for the great deal!

Written by @jlforbi - June 27th 2023
Verified Purchase

Pretty lights

Neighbors say my flower lights are so pretty and light up my garden really well

Written by @almaac - June 24th 2023
Verified Purchase

What a great new product

This message board is so much fun. It’s hard not to play with it! Once I figure out which end I was supposed to tap operator error, it was amazing to watch everything clear as if by magic!

Written by @AngelaOfO - June 20th 2023
Verified Purchase

Arrived on time

Great quality product.

Written by @vanderson41 - June 18th 2023
Verified Purchase


These are the most comfortable pair of briefs I’ve ever worn. They have so many different styles of briefs love it. Received before they supposedly to arrive.

Written by @jjjohnpopp - June 17th 2023
Verified Purchase

Product okay... Customer service exceptional

The product ran small. I left a review noting such. The customer service was exceptional though as they read the review and took care of the problem! A++

Written by @dog23 - June 15th 2023
Verified Purchase

All right but

I would like it better if you could adjust the height

Written by @norascrane - June 14th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great Coffee Maker!

I love that this is compact, but an actual coffee brewer, not a super fast maker that blows the coffee grounds all over. It makes a great couple cups of coffee for me, and it tastes great!

Written by @Jazz67 - June 12th 2023
Verified Purchase

Emergency Magnetic LED Road Flares

Great gift items, grandkids loved them can double for retro disco party lights

Written by @mrpinedo - June 11th 2023
Verified Purchase


My grandsons will love this

Written by @pocahontas4v - June 5th 2023
Verified Purchase


As a travel agent i do a lot of golf trips for my clients, this is my third reorder as gifts for my “golfers” and they love it, men and women…Joni

Written by @jonrr - June 4th 2023
Verified Purchase

Works perfectly

Works awesome, just like I hoped it would.

Written by @Duanewill - June 4th 2023
Verified Purchase

Easy setup

Took maybe a minute to setup the first light and the ones after were even easier. If they last it is a good deal.

Written by @jacburt - June 2nd 2023
Verified Purchase

Customer Support is great!

I posted "
Its ok
Great to use AA for D and C.
One adapter had the ‘+’ installed upside down. they do not have a hinge so the plastic seam that holds the pivot point will break after several uses."
which I still stand by but the customer support stepped in and I want to rate them a 5/5 Thank you SO Much!

Written by @Pueet - June 1st 2023
Verified Purchase


I absolutely love these bars- excellent, clean, and minimal ingredients. They taste awesome, like a kind bar without all the fillers. I have bought 4 cases so far and like to eat one every day as my sweet treat after dinner. They don’t really affect my blood sugar much either! Great find, guys!

Written by @apmiller27 - June 1st 2023
Verified Purchase

Not a Yellow Gold

I like everything about it except it is not a yellow gold that I was expecting. It looks more like a rose gold but the paperwork with it says yellow gold.

Written by @fatcat1978 - May 31st 2023
Verified Purchase

Absolutely WONDERFUL

These are so nicely made. The little children at a school close by will love them. They are beautiful.

Written by @tarheeldude - May 30th 2023
Verified Purchase

Really Skinny

I have returned these jeans as the fit is not quite as described. Though the quality seems excellent especially for the price, they are really skinny jeans and not slim-fit. At 5 ft.10 in. and 166 lbs., these were extremely skin-tight at the calf and thigh. I gave them to my younger son who is taller and thinner than I am; they were still uncomfortably tight on him. I am not sure if one-sizing up for a generous fit would be sufficient to make them more comfortable.
Follow-up customer service made returning the items an easy procedure; however, be aware you will pay the shipping costs. (In my case, almost 40% of the price.)

Written by @Trud29 - May 29th 2023
Verified Purchase

Nice look

Appears to be a fine value ! Tks!

Written by @annheron - May 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Good for the price, some features not working, fins missing.

For the money, you can’t go wrong with JBL, and these ANC are a premium product with active noise canceling and awareness modes along with three preset equalizer modes. They are a little on the bigger side, but are comfortable in the ear and you don’t have a stupid piece of plastic dangling out of your ears like some other ear buds. My only beef was that they were supposed to have the Tile feature which locates your pods and the JBL Sound app support which allows you to customize controls and control the sound, ANC, and awareness. Despite my best efforts, I could not get these apps to work with them. They also didn’t come with the cush fins as promised in the description: not a huge deal, but if you say they come with them, well, they ought to come with them… Otherwise, they are better than you would expect for the price and a great company: there is no reason to pay what other brands charge when you can get these.

Written by @rwarren23 - May 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Replaced for broken clasp

TY better clasp !! Fits perfect!

Written by @Blondiegirl68 - May 22nd 2023
Verified Purchase

Popcorn machine

Easy to work with no mess. A good product.

Written by @Mustangboy53 - May 21st 2023
Verified Purchase


Awesome, I would like to order more

Written by @jagged_omelette - May 19th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great shape upon delivery

Arrived in great packing. Just need some good weather to try it out on the pellet grill.

Written by @yessri - May 13th 2023
Verified Purchase

Almost fits my Weber E-310 perfectly.

Very tight fit if I remove one side grill bars. Happy enough.

Written by @KeNTKB - May 12th 2023
Verified Purchase


I like that the base is heavy making it tilt resistant. I like that it holds both the cell and the tablet securely. I really like that you can swivel your device without taking it off the stand. So far I’ve enjoyed this product.

Written by @kenglosmith - May 11th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great deal

Great price for a great product

Written by @tomlick - May 8th 2023
Verified Purchase

What a KIND deal

Lots of mini Kind bars! Yes please.

Written by @Rings602 - May 7th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great towels

Towels were actually better than what I had expected….nice and thick, plus great color.

Written by @mj2p08 - May 6th 2023
Verified Purchase

The item was at a good price.

My likes and dislikes haven’t been decided until actual use of the item.

Written by @1mnorried - May 5th 2023
Verified Purchase

Good stuff!

Excellent product and training great!

Written by @singltrakgsp1 - May 5th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great product

Ordered these last year.and again this year. They work great

Written by @sleshe - May 4th 2023
Verified Purchase


Sounds very good

Written by @kd4psinfl - May 3rd 2023
Verified Purchase

no color choice

They give you no choice of color/style. I received all bright neon colors. the under ware fit great though. you just may be not want to be seen in public with the colors.

Written by @Dhenry11 - April 26th 2023
Verified Purchase

Mattress topper with cover

This was great, even came in the right size. Great irk

Written by @Aztec1 - April 24th 2023
Verified Purchase

The price is amazing!!

I like how tall it is without taking too much space. I saw it for much more in other websites. Having a remote control makes it even greater!!

Written by @Starlydia - April 23rd 2023
Verified Purchase

Works great

Like this product because it is Verdi tall and easy to use, be sure and read the directions so you have it in the correct setting though.

Written by @kuhlkid36 - April 23rd 2023
Verified Purchase

Company did right

The product was not good. I notified the company, and a representative was all over it to correct the problem and make right by it. This review is more about the proper response by the company, rather than the product. Thank you for taking care of it professionally. Much appreciated.

Written by @tgennaro - April 19th 2023
Verified Purchase

Great customer service.

I purchased this product and 1 of the bottles came dented otherwise it’s a good product. Customer service refunded me so it’s all good. I just recommend boxing the items opposed to sending it in padded envelope and maybe the product wouldn’t get damaged. Thanks

Written by @sethber - April 18th 2023