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American Crafts Color Pour Pre-Mixed Acrylic Paints with 8"x10" Canvas Panels

Art is for everybody.

Anybody can paint.

Want proof? We promise that you have at least one aunt in your Facebook feed who went to one of those cocktails and color things and managed to make something surprisingly respectable while wasted on moderately priced Chardonnay.

You just need the supplies. That’s why those cocktail things are so great. They give you everything you need, plus the booze.

Well, we want to give you everything you need, minus the booze.

Realistically, if you were going to go putter around in a craft store and buy a bunch of stuff, you already would have. And it would have been a lot more expensive than this, too.

We’ve done the work for you and bundled it up in one tidy little package, including the paint and the canvases you need to really get to work.

If you’ve painted before, this probably sounds pretty appealing. If you haven’t, well…you’re still reading, so we’re willing to bet that we’ve at least piqued your artistic interest. (Newbies—you’ll need some brushes, too. Unless you want to do the finger-painting thing or some Jackson Pollock stuff.)

And hey, if painting seems like a lot to ask right now, you could always explore today’s bonus deal. It’s a set of SpiceBox Colored Pencils and 40pcs Multicolored Paper for Young Artists Kit for $10. It says it’s for young artists, but to be honest we really have no idea why.


  • Four bottles of paint
  • Variety of color options
  • A dozen canvases
  • BYOB


4 Pack Color Pour Magic

  • 4 bottles of pre-mixed ready to use paints (4 fl. oz each)
  • Create Color Pour Magic with the included canvases
  • Available Color Options:
    • Poppy Field: Pansy, Poppy, Meadow, Rain
    • Amber Drift: Peach, Spice, Rick, Mauve
    • Fiery Opal: Copper, Geranium, Dawn, Dusk
    • Opal Flux: Ark Winter, Lace, Peony, Mint

12 Pack 8 X 10 Canvas Panels

  • Includes 12 canvas panels
  • Versatile - works great with mixed media, collage, and heavy textures
  • Medium smooth texture for best adhesion
  • Quality canvas panels with triple primed
  • Ready to use, right out of the package
  • Made with lightweight cotton
  • Acid-free and triple-coated with acrylic gesso

What’s Included?

  • 4x Color Pour Magic 4 oz. Bottles
  • 12x 8 X 10 Canvas Panels


90 days