Bibb Home Reversible 2-Tone All Season Down Alternative Comforter

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5 stars

Great product

Written by @ChefPamela - July 13th 2021
Verified Purchase

It’s just arrived

Written by @pbaby - April 18th 2021
Verified Purchase

I really like my blanket as beautiful

Written by @sasha44 - April 16th 2021
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  • Four color combination options, available in Full/Queen and King
    • Colors include: Navy/Aqua, Ivory/Taupe, Silver/Grey, or Silver/White
  • Soft microfiber comforter’s down-alternative fill keeps you comfortable and cozy without triggering allergies
  • Reversible design for changing colors with the season
  • Hypoallergenic down-alternative fill
  • Mid-weight fill to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Machine washable


  • 100% microfiber shell
  • For a draped look, we recommend buying 1 size larger than your bed
  • Size Guide:
    • Full/Queen: 88" W x 88" L
    • King/Cal King: 102" W x 88" L

What’s included?

  • 1x Bibb Home Reversible 2-Tone All Season Down Alternative Comforter


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Monday, Oct 25 - Thursday, Oct 28


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5 stars

Great product

Written by @ChefPamela - July 13th 2021
Verified Purchase

It’s just arrived

Written by @pbaby - April 18th 2021
Verified Purchase

I really like my blanket as beautiful

Written by @sasha44 - April 16th 2021
Verified Purchase

A Great Bargain!

I purchased one of these for my king-size bed and loved it so much that I ordered one for my summer

Written by @DeeDeux - March 29th 2021
Verified Purchase

looks & feels great!

Written by @dellott - March 25th 2021
Verified Purchase

Soft and lovely

It was worth the wait

Written by @oysterloulou - March 20th 2021
Verified Purchase

O I love it thank u

Written by @Mckoy170 - January 26th 2021
Verified Purchase

Perfect match to my Bibb Home sheets. Very soft. Cant wait to get it on my bed.

Written by @kathy97128hakin - January 15th 2021
Verified Purchase

It’s lightweight and so soft, and just perfect for chilly nights in FL. (Weather or AC)

Written by @Mystic999 - January 14th 2021
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Written by @phairston00 - January 11th 2021
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Lightweight, arrived timely, nice colors. Would buy again, especially if it came in more dark colors

Written by @fiastylie - December 6th 2020
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It really works

I love this comforter, as when it is cold I put the dark side up and stay warm, and when it is hot, I turn it over to get cool. Great item.

Written by @Mickeyfox - November 24th 2020
Verified Purchase

Beautiful I love it let me know when you have some more on sale

Written by @annetye - October 16th 2020
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Written by @loisbcolbert1 - October 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love it

Written by @suzysunshine73 - October 9th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love this comforter!

This is so warm and cozy.

Written by @Yamaguchi - September 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

My son love it

good quality

Written by @lovelywoman482 - August 30th 2020
Verified Purchase

Thank you

Thank you much

Written by @rildamorales - August 28th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very good product

Written by @springtime27 - August 17th 2020
Verified Purchase


The comforters are soft and beautiful. They are more for summer months I believe.

Written by @mrose65 - August 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

A GREAT reversible comforter at a GREAT price!

I am thrilled to have found this comforter on MorningSave as I bought one similar to it three years ago and it is STILL holding up beautifully. Wash it in the washing machine, dry it in the dryer…no need to dryclean and it continues to look good as new! I would easily recommend this comforter to anyone!!

Written by @Jackie449 - August 7th 2020
Verified Purchase

Great quality. Beautiful comforter.

Written by @karlycarlson - August 3rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Reversible Comforter

Beautiful well made

Written by @Mexic56 - August 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase

Reversible comforter

Packaging and items intact. Beautiful

Written by @eleigh - July 24th 2020
Verified Purchase

Comforter 3-tone

Down feathers give me allergies, so I ordered an alternative and I am very impressed with the quality and the price.

Written by @sfnubling - July 19th 2020
Verified Purchase


This is the best comfortable bedding light and soft i love it

Written by @trishaj460 - July 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

I like how lite weight it is

Written by @mousetrap22 - July 15th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love this!

This is very light weight and soft. Put it on my bed right away, I will by another one!

Written by @OwlFeathers11 - July 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bibb Home Reversible

So excited . Finally got my comforter and it is everything and more it says. I was nervous because they were all out of Calif King so took a chance and got the Queen and fits perfect. Thank you,
Susie’s Qloset Boutique

Written by @SusieHellwig - June 18th 2020
Verified Purchase


Written by @scollea - June 15th 2020
Verified Purchase


Nice Summer bed topping

Written by @Reburns - June 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very comfortable

My cat loves it and so do I!

Written by @Pudgie - June 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bibb Reversible Home Comforter

Great Deak. Lightweight. Perfect

Written by @Bburger829 - June 13th 2020
Verified Purchase


Amazing quality!! Love it

Written by @mariab46 - June 5th 2020
Verified Purchase

Sleep in peace

I love the hypoallergenic alternative down fabric. The microfiber fabric is very soft, and the pastel blue is pretty.

Written by @mynzun - May 12th 2021
Verified Purchase


Written by @elizabethfoster - July 29th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love it so soft!!

Written by @Lovelylady1940 - July 17th 2020
Verified Purchase

pretty and lightweight

This comforter is lightweight but it keeps you warm. I washed it before use and it washes well and dries quickly.

Written by @sisblu - June 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love this

Written by @judyrosenberg - April 13th 2021
Verified Purchase

Not "fluffy" as claimed

I dont know how long this “deal” will hold up, but I wouldn’t call it “fluffly” like the Entertainment Tonight correspondent did either. It’s thin but decent looking. I’m not sure this was a bargain at $29, but we live and learn. I canceled my membership to Morningsave bc the products are cheap and not made to last. It’s a shame ET promotes this garbage & associates their name with this website.

Written by @nat94cvt - July 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase


They keep you hot even sleeping ov them

Written by @Lena407 - June 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Wrong size

This comforter isn’t nothing of what is advertised.First of all it’s so thin it almost feel like two sheets with a lil pigeon feathers in the middle Feels nothing like down.On top of that they sent me the wrong size I ordered a California King but received a king size.I am very disappointed with this purchase and I’ll never order with them again.

Written by @sophiamoore - November 29th 2020
Verified Purchase


The comforter is flat.

Written by @Sherrelle9 - August 29th 2020
Verified Purchase

size of comforter

Nice looking but doesn’t fit my bed properly. Measured 100 inches although claims 102 inches .

Written by @rainday - July 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Poor quality

There’s no way that this comforter was originally $99 by itself. It’s very thin and flimsy and even the price I paid is too much. I purchased this for my mother but there’s no way I’m giving this to her. I want a refund. Even the pictures makes this item look fluffy when in fact it isn’t.

Written by @fgilliam - November 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Slow Respond

It took a long time before I got my order and it was not what I ordered , (wrong size). Now you tell me that it will take 2 days to get a respond back to my complaint.

Written by @imtrashy2two10 - October 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

cheap material.

Written by @iamellice - October 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase

I'd like a refund!

Terrible quality! There is no way these sold for anywhere near $99!

Written by @kefd - October 2nd 2020
Verified Purchase

Looks good but can't be washed!

This fell apart the 1st time it was washed. I will be returning this.

Written by @luckysimba - August 25th 2020
Verified Purchase

Disappointed Down

I just received my 2 Queen comforters.
I just say, I feel as though I was “mislead”.
I would NOT have paid the price that I paid, had I known that they were just POLYESTER. REALLY?!?
SO Disappointed and sad.
I wish that they were more sincere about the material and the ‘filling’.

Written by @Magoo12 - August 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

not happy

Wish I could send it back but know the postage would be too high. Washed it before use & then is all bunched up in the squares. No more on-line ordering for me!

Written by @creekside65 - June 27th 2020
Verified Purchase


Cheap garbage…feels horrible. I have sent 5 or 6 emails to return (no packing slip came with any orders) and they are ignoring me.
Do not order from these RIP off con.people!

Written by @teeejay3 - June 22nd 2020