It's Blunderful - A Party Game about Life's Awkward Situations

The game has fun, non-offensive content that’s relatable to adults so you can play with all of your adult friends and family. The strategic betting component raises the stakes for competitive players and keeps all players involved in every turn.


  • Recommended for players 17+
  • Simple, fun and engaging
  • Bet on how others would respond in various awkward situations
  • Everyone takes a turn to read a card with an awkward situation and accompanying reactions
  • The other players make their wager and guess how the reader would respond
  • Guess the correct answer and you get the points you wagered
  • So easy to learn, you will be having fun in 30 seconds
  • Take to board game night, holiday gatherings, bachelorette party or a dinner party


What’s Included?

  • ‎1x It’s Blunderful - A Party Game about Life’s Awkward Situations
    - 1 Instruction manual, 184 cards, 8 cubes, 8 score boards


90 days

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