Pick Your 2-Pack: SecureBrite 9-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool with Flashlight- A

This SecureBrite emergency auto tool is one you hope you never have to use – yet having it could be a literal lifesaver. The 9-in-1 design equips you for almost any scenario.


  • Multiple flashlight modes assist during a tire change or let you signal for help
  • A window breaker and a seatbelt cutter free you from jammed doors or stuck buckles
  • A built-in clamp, several magnets, and swivel-body design help provide the ideal leverage for the job at hand
  • Since this set includes two tools with gift boxes, you can share them with family members and feel a sense of comfort
  • Includes two 9-in-1 auto tools with gift boxes
    • Work light
    • Flashlight
    • Emergency light
    • Seatbelt cutter
    • Window breaker
    • Hook
    • Magnets
    • Clamp
    • Swivel body
    • Rubberized handles
  • Available colors:
    • Red
    • Gray
  • Each requires 3 AAA batteries (NOT included)

what’s included?

  • 2x SecureBrite 9-in-1 Emergency Auto Tool with Flashlight (in the color combination of your choice)


90 days