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2-Pack: Pineapple Pool Float by SOL Summer Shade

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Get your float on.

You might ask yourself if you really need a pineapple that you can float on.

The answer…is no. Nobody needs a pineapple they can float on.

What you need is two pineapples so that you and a friend can float around together, the way the universe and pool floaty manufacturers intended.

Honestly, if you have access to a pool right now, it’s kind of your duty to enjoy it on behalf of all of us. And if ten bucks worth of fruit-themed floating technology help you do that, well then that’s what you should have.

Besides, these are really cool.

For one, they’re fun-looking. Pineapples are whimsical and relaxing.

For some reason.

It doesn’t really make sense, since they’re kind of tart and a little spiky, but it’s true.

Another cool thing: these are quite big. At 60 inches long, you aren’t going to feel like you’re floating around stuffed butt-first into a squishy toilet seat. Instead, you’re lounging in about as much comfort as you’re going to get without one of those goofy pool recliner floaties, which frankly look ridiculous.

Also, unlike those giant things with the built-in cupholders and over-engineered headrests, these inflate super easily. You don’t need to huff and puff yourself lightheaded or fire up an air pump just to get the thing blown up.

(That guy in the floating recliner isn’t just chilled out, he’s suffering from lack of oxygen to the brain.)

Anyway, these are fun and great and cheap. Grab yourself a two-pack and go soak up some floating relaxation.


  • Experience tropical comfort as you float in style with a pineapple pool float. Includes two.
  • Easily inflatable
  • Pineapple-shaped
  • Generous size (37”x60”)
  • There’s two of them!


  • Experience true comfort as you float in style with a pineapple pool float
  • Dimensions: 37 inches x 60 inches
  • Easy to inflate, deflate, and store
  • Ages 5+


2x Pineapple Pool Float by SOL Summer Shade


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