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PogoCam Wearable HD Camera for Glasses

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What’s the opposite of a selfie?

When it comes to certain things, technology is pretty bonkers.

Cameras are one example. A digital camera used to be big, clunky, and expensive. Now they are like 1000 times better than what a 1990s photographer would have used for magazine shoots. Oh, and they’re the size of your thumbnail and built into your phone. Also, there are two or three of them in there for some reason.

So yeah, we can pretty much leave the digital photography arms race to the cell phone companies and assume they’ll keep delivering awesome stuff we can carry around with us in our pockets without even thinking about it.

So what else is there?

Whimsy. Novelty. Coolness.

You know…like a wearable camera that hooks onto your glasses and lets you take high-definition POV shots with the press of a button.

Because we all spend enough time fussing with our phones as it is, and this little gadget can set you free from a whole bunch of that. Just snap a quick photo that captures whatever you’re looking at without having to distract yourself with a web-enabled pocket computer every time you want to document the rainbow or waterfall or Taco Bell drive-thru fistfight that happens to be unfolding in front of you.

Live in the moment.

Remember that sunset.

Capture a funny billboard on the fly.

Facebook shame the guy who fought dirty in the gordita throwdown at 1 a.m.

You know…be present.

This thing is a lot of fun and it’s just twelve bucks. It doesn’t replace your phone camera, but it does deliver a fun twist on candid photos and video. Grab yourself one and see what happens while you’re wearing it.

And as long as you’re getting creative with digital cameras, we also have [a bonus deal webcam](https://sidedeal.com/bonus} that might be up your alley.


  • Hands-free photography that you strap to your face
  • You strap it to your glasses, technically
  • POV shots whenever you want
  • HD quality photo and video


  • This tiny camera attaches magnetically to most glasses so you can capture HD Video & Pictures from your POV
  • You can use the Pogocam with almost any pair of glasses with the included magnetic PogoLoops
  • Once the PogoCam is attached to your glasses, you can quickly and easily take great POV videos, and photos, with a click of a button
  • Holds up to 100 photos and takes 30-second video clips
  • Included USB-C Smart Case recharges the camera up to 3 times and saves up to 16,000 photos for uploading later
  • 5MP camera, 720p video
  • Takes up to 100 photos or six 30-second videos before transferring to the smart case
  • Adapters with rubber rings can be used to attach to glasses you already own
  • Plug the camera into the Smartcase to charge and transfer data
  • Smartcase charges the camera up to 3 times and holds up to 16,000 photos or 180 30-second videos
  • Water and sweat-resistant (IP4)
  • Charging time: 35 minutes
  • Smartcase charges via USB-C (USB to USB-C cable included)
  • FOV: 74° diagonal, 60° horizontal
  • Video: 30 fps.AVI file
  • Dimensions: 1.7" x .5"
  • Weight: 0.2 oz

Sunglasses Not Included

what’s included?

  • 1x PogoCam
  • 1x SmartCase
  • 1x Pogoloops
  • 1x Safety Rings
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Manual


90 days