16-Pack: Popular Mechanics Battery Converter Shells + Bonus Screen Shine


  • Battery Converter Shells:
  • Stock up on AA batteries and never worry about buying C or D batteries
  • Battery converters turn AA sized batteries into C & D batteries, eliminating the need to search for different battery sizes and ensuring your devices are powered whenever you need them most
  • Reduces the weight of the item you are using which is perfect for toys and portable devices
  • Simply open the converter, inserts AA battery, close, and use
  • Note: We strongly recommend the use of high energy alkaline or nickel metal hydride (nimh) AA batteries within the battery adapter
  • Screen Shine:
  • Includes a bonus screen shine cleaner and cloth
  • Keep all of your devices clean with this natural cleaner that won’t streak or harm devices
  • Two-sided cloth has a blue side to clean and a grey side to polish


  • Battery Converter Shells:
  • Material: ABS
  • C Battery Converter Shells: 1.97" Length, 1.03" Diameter
  • D Battery Converter Shells: 2.42" Length, 1.30" Diameter
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Screen Shine:
  • Cleaner: 1 oz (30ml)
  • Cleaning cloth: Premium microfiber

What’s Included?

  • 4x Popular Mechanics Battery Converter Shells with Bonus Screen Shine
    • 8x C Battery Converter Shells
    • 8x D Battery Converter Shells
    • 1x Popular Mechanics Screen Shine Cleaner
    • 1x Premium microfiber cloth
    • 1x Instruction guide


90 days

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