2-Pack: Perfecore Therapeutic Gel Bead Cooling & Heating Face Masks

The Perfecore Therapeutic Masks’ unique hot and cold dual action gel beads properly deliver quick and effective relief. Having two masks will allow you to have one in the freezer in between uses or another for heat needs. Soothe and relieve pain and ease stress away.


  • Full coverage face mask
  • Adjustable strap
  • Soft-touch cover for comfort
  • Gel beads form a custom contoured fit even while frozen, chilled or heated
  • Soothes and rejuvenates tired skin
  • Alleviates sinus problems and headaches
  • Makes a great gift no matter the occasion
  • Home Spa
    • Create your own home spa by placing your face mask in the fridge
    • Say goodbye to a puffy face and say hello to hydration
  • Refresh
    • Store the mask in the freezer and use when needed
    • Great for dull skin, instantly refreshes and helps de-puff your face for a radiant glow
  • Relax
    • Just pop it in the microwave for a couple of seconds to use as a heating pad
    • Great to help reduce headaches, swelling, and tired eyes
  • Relieve
    • Targets inflammation and swelling
    • Use it to help relieve pain after wisdom teeth removal surgery or plastic surgery


  • Made at a FDA Registered facility

What’s Included?

  • 2x Perfecore Therapeutic Gel Bead Cooling & Heating Face Masks
    • 2x Gel Face Masks
    • 2x Bonus Gel Packs
    • 2x Manuals


90 days

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