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2-Pack: Bob Vila Buzz Kill UV Mosquito Bulbs

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Pure mosquito-zapping efficiency

Did you know that male mosquitoes don’t bite you? Female mosquitoes need your blood protein to make their eggs, but male mosquitoes are just as happy eating flower nectar or Arby’s or whatever.

Fun fact, no?

Anyway, it takes two to tango as far as that bloodthirsty egg production goes, so let’s just err on the side of eradicating every last one of them. Today’s deal will help with that.

They emit a steady and frankly stylish blue glow that draws mosquitoes away from you and into a tiny electric grid of certain death. The bulbs are nicely shielded so that you won’t accidentally brush yourself up against that tiny death grid, too. So there’s that.

Protect yourself from lady mosquitoes as well as their apparently vegan male wingmen. Not bad for six bucks a pop.


  • Two mosquito-slaying light bulbs that screw right into your existing sockets
  • Perfect for porch lights or for open-air indoor use
  • UV light attracts bugs, electric grid zaps them into oblivion
  • Kind of cool looking, to be honest


  • Kills bugs and lights up the night
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Powerful and bright ultraviolet light attracts flying, blood-sucking pests
  • Has an electric shocking grid to catch and kill mosquitoes, gnats, flies, wasps, hornets, moths, and other pests
  • Protected electric grid zaps them away with no mess, smelly chemicals, or unsightly sticky traps
  • Screw into your light fixture, turn on the switch and watch it go to work
  • Dimensions: 8.75" H x 4.25" W

How to Use

  • When cleaning, make sure the light is turned off first
  • You can then use a small brush to sweep the bugs out of the lamp

What’s Included?

  • 2x Bob Vila Buzz Kill Mosquito Bulbs
  • 2x Instructions


90 days