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2-Pack: Juku STEAM Coding Kits

STEAM kits for all

One of the best (and frankly most relieving) parts of watching a kid grow up is when they finally start getting into toys that are actually entertaining for grownups as well. Once you’ve put in your time combing out the manes on tiny plastic ponies, you’ve more than earned a turn or two playing with something a little less…ponyish.

These are that. In addition to being good, educational STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering, Art, Math) toys, these are just downright fun and engaging, whether you’re a kid or just in proximity to one.

Code a light show. Build a little car. Program games. Create musical instruments.

Maybe all of the above?




No, not all of the above. You get to pick two. Unless you’re up for spending an extra $29, in which case, yes, you can do all of the above.

Honestly, that wouldn’t be a bad move. Especially when we’re all home more for a bit longer, it’s not a bad thing to have a couple of self-contained educational activities lined up and ready to break out on a particularly slow day.

It’s the kind of thing where your kid will undoubtedly surprise you by having a better grasp on tech concepts than anyone who was in diapers less than a decade ago has any right to.

Anyway, enjoy some STEAM.


  • Everything you need in one little box
  • STEAM learning goodness
  • But also fun
  • You get two!


Juku STEAM Light Games Coding Kit

  • For ages 12 years and up
  • Students can learn to build their own games with this coding kit
  • Use the Scratch programming language to bring your creations to life
  • Requires a computer to download the software and make the code - https://www.jukucoding.com/
  • Comes with queen block, joystick block, light box, mic block, and mini USB cable

Juku STEAM LED Light Show Coding Kit

  • For ages 10 years and up
  • Teaches students to create and design different LED light animations
  • Features pre-loaded designs and effects and allow students to build their own
  • Programmable LED light strips showcase different colors and patterns
  • Requires a computer to download software and produce the code
  • Comes with 2 LED light strips, a queen block, and a mini USB cable

Juku STEAM Making Music Coding Kit

  • Adults can work with kids or kids can work on their own, suggested for age 10 and up
  • Teaches STEAM concepts with interactive activities
  • It allows students to learn how to create their own music, beats, and sounds
  • Uses Scratch programming language for a STEAM learning experience
  • Build a keyboard, drums, and a ukulele to build melodies and play music
  • Requires a computer to download the software and design the code
  • It also requires an external speaker with auxiliary input to hear the sound
  • It comes with a queen block, touch block, music block, audio cable, power cable, mini USB cable, cables with alligator clips, and instrument graphics (ukulele, keyboard, and drum set)

included in the box

  • Your Choice of 2 STEAM Kits from the following:
    • 1x Juku STEAM Light Games Coding Kit
    • 1x Juku STEAM LED Light Show Coding Kit
    • 1x Juku STEAM Making Music Coding Kit


90 days