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2-Pack: Scosche MagicMount Pro Magnetic Fast Charge 10W QI Charging Mount

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t has arrived.

Sometimes the most incredible technology lands a little bit flat the first time around.

Wireless charging was like that. When it first came out, it seemed like it would be a really big deal. Then it turned out that those little charging pads were apparently super hard to make. (Apple even gave up on theirs!) And then if you did manage to get one, you learned that you had to get your phone centered on the pad just right for it to work, a downside many of us learned the hard way with a battery dying on the nightstand overnight and taking the morning alarm with it.

What’s a person to do?

We have a recommendation:

Keep calm and wait for something to show up on SideDeal.

This is the wireless charging gizmo that’s worth waiting for. It solves all of the early problems charging pads had, up to and including the typically high price tag.

For less than thirty bucks, your new wireless charging setup will put your phone at an angle you can actually use and also make sure that you get the placement right every time. Magnets will snap your phone into place exactly where it needs to be and instead of making your phone charge while awkwardly facing directly at the ceiling, you’ll be able to check notifications or even watch a video with ease.

So yeah, if you were super excited about this kind of thing and paid a bunch of money for a little pad that turned out to be not nearly as cool as it seemed, we’re here to fix that.

Order yours and finally get the Qi-compatible charging you should have had all along.


  • Endless adjustability that points your phone right where you want it
  • Up to 10W of Qi-compatible charging
  • Open design that lets you use your phone while it charges
  • Magnets for perfect positioning, every time


Whether you’re looking for home/office or on-the-go wireless charging, Scosche has a product for you.

  • Up to 10W of wireless charging power.
  • The safe, quick, reliable, proven mounting security of the #1 Mount Brand
  • 4-axis adjustability with lock-nut positioning for virtually limitless device positioning
  • A MagicPlate™ Placement Template for optimal non-magnetic metal plate placement to ensure maximum charging operational performance.
  • The peace of mind of knowing you own a Qi Certified wireless charger thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to ensure its safety, interoperability, compatibility and energy efficiency.
  • The open design ensures full access to all your device’s controls and ports.
  • Easy, one-hand device use.


  • 2x Scosche MagicMount Pro Magnetic QI Charging Mounts
  • 2x Manual
  • 2x US Plug
  • 2x EU Adapter


90 days