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2-Pack: ZipKord Universal Travel Adapters with Storage Case

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For charging abroad

Nothing opens your eyes to all the beautiful variety of the great wide world quite like travel.

And nothing makes you think that maybe all that beautiful variety is overrated and dumb like standing in a hotel room somewhere and realizing that you can’t charge your phone.

These adapters fix that and we definitely recommend picking up a couple before you need them. Put one in that weird zipper pocket in your luggage and know that even if your overnight to Vegas goes completely off the rails and you wake up in some far-flung corner of another continent, you can at least plug in long enough to connect with a nearby embassy and figure out how to get home. (Assuming you remember your suitcase, of course.)

This particular adapter is pretty similar to others you might find, but it is a little notable just how nicely it closes up into itself. It definitely makes it easier to toss in a bag so you have it in a pinch and it’ll keep all the weird little bits and pieces from getting lost while you’re using it.

These are compatible with international two and three-prong plugs and give you everything you need to cobble something together that covers power needs in more than 150 countries. If you’re the kind of person who visits countries other than those, well…you’ve probably solved this already. But for everyone else, this will be all you need to plug your boring phone into the wall of a boring hotel in Spain or wherever.

Did we mention that you get two for five bucks?


  • A two-pack of versatile international travel adapters
  • Compatible in 150 countries
  • Compact form factor
  • Handy storage case


  • Worldwide travel adapters
  • 4-in-1 plug design
  • Compatible with every international standard 2 and 3 prong plug
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Covers more than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs
  • Note: The Travel Adapter does NOT convert voltage from 220V to 110V or vice versa; the Universal Travel Adapter is best paired with a device using dual voltage

What’s Included?

  • 2x Travel adapters
  • 1x Travel case
  • 1x Operating instructions