2-Pack: Zone Tech Cooling Fan Car Seat Cushion Pad


  • Protects you from the intense summer and heat preventing your seat from fading and cracking, thus keeping your car nice and cool
  • Circulates air through the hundreds of tiny spaces in the Microfiber and mesh materials
  • The cool airflow from the cushion absorbs body heat and reduces perspiration, providing a more comfortable ride during hot weather
  • Temperature control for your preference of high or low cool.
  • Turn the accessible dial from high to medium to low according to the interior temperature in your vehicle, your personal preferences, or the weather outside
  • Plug it into your 12V cigarette lighter adapter and a fan will circulate the cool and refreshing air
  • Universal fit in vehicles
  • Attaches securely with straps in your car truck, SUV, or even RVs
  • Measures: 17.70" x 2" x 20.80"
  • Weight: 1.94 lbs

what’s included

-1x Zone Tech Cooling Fan Car Seat Cushion Pad


90 days