24-Pack: Halo Hydration Electrolyte Supplement


  • Hydrate wherever you go with sticks that fit in your pocket
  • Proprietary natural blend of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins directly from the Great Salt Lake in Utah
  • Choose from Hydration or Hydration + Coffee


  • Available in Peach, Lemonade, Mixed Berry, or Orange
  • 435mg of electrolytes coupled with vitamins B & C to support energy and immunity
  • Only 1g of sugar and 15 calories per serving
  • 100mg of magnesium and zinc to maintain proper electrolyte balance
  • All natural flavors from organic fruits
  • Keto, vegan, and paleo friendly

Hydration + Coffee

  • Available in Iced Caramel Latte or Iced Mocha Latte
  • 100mg of caffeine for a quick pick-me-up and increased focus
  • 435mg of electrolytes with 100mg of magnesium restore fluid balance disrupted by coffee’s diuretic effect, ensuring proper nerve & muscle function
  • Organic coconut non-dairy creamer for sweetness without refined sugars
  • 60 mg of single-sourced Arabica coffee for rich flavor
  • Vitamins B & C to support immunity & improve energy
  • Only 2g of sugar and 20 calories per serving
  • Dairy-free and keto


What’s Included?

  • 24x Halo Hydration Electrolyte Supplement sticks in your choice of flavor


90 days

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