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10-Pack TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Devices with EXTRA Batteries

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Find your stuff.

Sometimes it feels like Apple is just messing with us here at SideDeal. We offer a wireless charging pad, they announce one that costs ten times as much and never actually makes it to stores. We sell some nifty little TrackRs at 5 for $5 or some other crazy deal…they come out with AirTags, $39 a piece with a $299 Hermés keyfob thing to hold it sold separately.

(Place your bets, by the way. How long until we can get our hands on those keyfobs to sell to you guys for $3 a piece? Just kidding. There’s a guy at Hermés whose whole job is to set the remaining stock on fire before something like that could ever happen.)

Designer keyfobs aside, these little tracking devices can get pricy, especially if you need a bunch of them. Well, allow us to introduce…a bunch of them. We’ve got 10 for $8, which unless you’re Snow White keeping track of pointy dwarf hats, should be more than enough. Heck, they even come with extra batteries, heading off the primary annoyance when it comes to little electronic doodads like this.

Honestly, eight bucks seems pretty cheap for the batteries alone. We might have screwed up on this one.

Oh well. You could always who us some appreciation by drawing a little picture of you not losing your stuff.

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Battery replacement

Good thing they come with extra batteries. Had to change the batteries on almost all the devices. After that they work fine.

Written by @Cartero - August 20th 2021
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  • 10 wireless trackers with extra batteries
  • Everything you need to track your stuff
  • Little loops attach the tags to…whatever
  • Designer key fob sold separately (very separately)


Loud Built-In Ringer - Tap the app to make your pixel ring loudly so you can hear where your stuff is hiding

LED Lights - Pixel doesn’t just ring, it also lights up so you can find what’s missing in a flash

Find Your Phone too - Ring your lost phone - even when it’s on silent, just press the button on your TrackR Pixel

Ultra small and Lightweight, The size of a coin - Measuring in at just 1" x 1" x .2" inches, it will fit nearly anywhere, and it only weighs 4 grams

Crowd Locate - If your TrackR Pixel goes out of range, rely on the global network of TrackR app users to help you locate what’s lost.

Extra Batteries INCLUDED - With every 10-pack of TrackR Pixels you get a 10-pack of EXTRA batteries included.

Replaceable Batteries with FREE Battery Replacement

  • Includes 10 extra BONUS batteries
  • Unlike other brands the TrackR Pixel allows you to change the battery (CR2016)
  • In addition to the BONUS batteries, the TrackR app tells you when the battery is low, and you can order a free one right from the app.


  1. DOWNLOAD & SYNC - Get the app and easily add your TrackR Pixel/s
  1. ATTACH - To keys, wallets, bags, remotes… you get the idea
  2. FIND - Tap the app to find what’s lost, or if you’ve misplaced your phone? Press pixel to make it ring even on silent mode
  • Diameter: 1.03 in
  • Thickness: 0.22 in (5.6mm)
  • Weight: 4 g (0.14 oz)
  • Battery Type: Replaceable CR2016
  • Volume: Up to 90 dB
  • Connectivity: BLE 4.0
  • Range: Bluetooth range, up to 100 feet. Obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect the range
  • Compatibility: iOS 9+, Android 4.4+

Battery Replacement

What’s included?

  • 10x TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Devices
  • 10x Key loops and double-sided 3M adhesives (One Per Pixel)
  • 10x User-replaceable CR2016 batteries (Installed In Each Pixel)
  • 10x Extra Backup CR2016 batteries
  • 1x Setup guide


90 days


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Battery replacement

Good thing they come with extra batteries. Had to change the batteries on almost all the devices. After that they work fine.

Written by @Cartero - August 20th 2021
Verified Purchase

I didn't get extra batteries

I received 20 trackers instead of 10 trackers and extra batteries one of the boxes is very beat up. I hope the trackers last. I have bought these trackers in the past, i was hoping for the batteries.

Written by @sdavistroy - August 31st 2021
Verified Purchase

Side deal is happy to sell you stuff that no longer works.

Side deal sold me a 10-pack of TrackR pixels but didn’t bother to tell me that TrackR app is no longer available on Apple or Android devices. Effectively took my money for a completely worthless item. If this is their business model I highly recommend not buying anything from them.

Written by @twscrap - August 16th 2021
Verified Purchase

Complete ripoff

These devices are no longer supported on iPhone and Android as of 8/15/21. Sidedeal deliberately sold me worthless products. I will never do business with them again.

Written by @tlthomas77 - August 22nd 2021
Verified Purchase

No volume control

When you search for an item with the TrackR device the sound is so low that you can hardly hear it unless it is within a couple of feet from your ear. And there is no way to turn up the volume.

Written by @Jcantu99 - August 16th 2021
Verified Purchase

Does not work.

TrackR no longer supports the App. The device will not work without app.

Written by @flowers9933 - August 24th 2021
Verified Purchase

Cannot complete registration. Unable to use products. Looking for a refund.

Written by @dearcyjohnson - August 20th 2021