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American Crafts Dual Tip 80-Piece Sketch Alcohol Marker Set in Storage Case

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This is a lot of different colors.

Remember being a kid with a brand new set of those fat magic markers? It was one of the most satisfying feelings of childhood as you dragged the first one down the paper and it laid a tiny highway of vivid color across the page, probably making a little squeaking sound along the way.

Man, that was the good stuff.

Well today’s deal is basically that feeling, but for adults. (Don’t try to revisit kid markers. It’s not the same as you remember it and will only let you down. May the past remain the past.)

But alcohol markers?

They’ll poke the same pleasure center of your brain and have the added benefit of producing remarkably solid results every time you put one to paper.

They’re basically an artistic cheat code.

If you draw a line, that line will look better. Your blues will be bluer, your edges edgier, and your shading more dramatic.

You can pretty much expect that whatever artistic endeavor you’re up to, whether it’s a simple sign of some serious artwork, your results will look more striking and professional than if you tried to pull it off with pretty much anything else.

The downside? Pretty expensive, at least most of the time. The reasonably-priced sets are usually a handful of markers, really only enough to accomplish the most basic of tasks. You’re left wishing you had a whole bunch of them to make whatever vision is bouncing around your head into a reality.

How about a set of 80? And how about instead of being $100, we make ‘em $25.

Works for us.

Order now and unleash childhood endorphins and the awesome power of really good art supplies, all at once.


  • 80 excellent markers to raise your art game
  • Premium tips that create smooth strokes that look like paint
  • Tons of striking colors
  • Non-toxic


  • Value set of dual-tip alcohol markers comes in 80 vibrant coordinating colors
  • Dual-tip alcohol markers that let you add shadows and gradient effects to your crafting projects
  • Part of the American Crafts Sketch Markers Collection
  • Quick-drying waterproof, transparent ink
  • Great for layering techniques
  • Each marker features a wide chisel tip and a small fine tip for large and small projects
  • Use them for drawing, sketching, crafting, and more
  • To blend, you start with the lightest color and then layer on the darker shades.
  • You are going to love these shades whether you use them separately or blended
  • High-quality inks and nibs
  • Made in the USA

Here is a video on how to blend with these markers

What’s Included?

  • 1x 80 Piece: American Crafts Dual Tip 80-Piece Sketch Alcohol Marker Set
  • 1x Storage Case


90 days