BooKid Jumbo Activity Set Ages 5+ (14 Booklets)


Sticker & Fun

  • Children love stickers!
  • Kids will love this entertaining and informative activity book
  • A variety of activity books with different exercises that involve colorful stickers
  • Each exercise develops different skills, such as motor control, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and hand strength
  • Some books can assist in improving mathematical skills such as: learning to count, adding, and subtracting
  • Book options:
    • Stick and color 5+
    • Fun with numbers 1-12

My First Drawing: 6-9 Symbols

  • The defined shapes and thick lines are intended to make coloring easier
  • The advanced activity books from the “My First Drawing” line contain exercises that will assist in learning the different colors
  • The desire to “stay inside the lines” improves concentration, precision, and fine motor skills
  • Selecting the colors helps toddlers develop their personal expression

Star 2 Star:

  • Before you start, you will need a pencil, pen or crayons
  • This easy and fun activity of “Connect the STARS” activity books help develop: basic math skills, improved concentration as well as work ethics, and fine motor skills
  • Book options:
    • Numbers 1-75
    • Numbers 1-150


  • Before you start you will need crayons
  • Each page contains a hidden mosaic picture with numbers or signs in it
  • Color the picture following the index included, to reveal the picture
  • This fun activity book helps develop the following: fine motor skills, concentration abilities, work habits and the ability to follow precise instructions, the distinction between shades, shapes, and colors while learning the names of the colors
  • Book options:
    • Signs and Colors - up to 10 signs
    • Numbers and Colors - up to 12 colors


  • Each page contains a sketch drawn on a small grid
  • Your goal is to draw a larger image of the same sketch on the big grid
  • Then you can color the two pictures
  • Book options:
    • Learn to sketch by scale

Find the Differences:

  • The goal of this activity books is to spot the slight differences between two almost identical images
  • After the differences are discovered, the child can enjoy coloring the picture
  • This fun exercise encourages curiosity, attention to detail, the distinction between identical, similar, and different, and visual-spatial diagnosis
  • Book options:
    • Find 8 differences
    • 6+

Coloring Models

  • This fun exercise develops visual perception, symmetrical structure identification on different levels of complexity, and self-expression

Star Lines: Transportation

  • In this activity book each page contains a hidden picture
  • To discover the hidden picture all you need to do is connect the stars according to the direction of the arrows and REVEAL the picture
  • This fun exercise requires precision, systematic work, and develops graphomotor skills

Fun to Color: Professions and hidden shapes

  • Each page contains two pictures, one small and colorful and the other big and colorless
  • Try to color the picture according to the colored one on the same page
  • This fun and colorful activity book improves concentration, precision, visual and spatial information processing abilities, and fine motor skills


  • Sticker & Fun, My First Drawing, Star 2 Star, and Mosaics:
    • Size: 6.6" x 6.3"
  • Sketches and Find the Differences:
    • Size: 8.7" x 5.9"
  • Star Lines, Fun to Color and Coloring Models:
    • Size: 10.6" x 8.3"

included in the box

  • 4x Jumbo Activity Set Age 5-6:
    • 1x Sketches: Learn to sketch by scale
    • 1x Star Lines: Transportation
    • 1x Sticker Fun: Stick and color 5+
    • 1x Find the Differences: Find 8 differences
  • 4x Jumbo Activity Books for Age 6
    • 1x Star 2 Star: Numbers 1-75
    • 1x Coloring Models
    • 1x Find the Differences: 6+
    • 1x Fun to Color: Professions and hidden shapes
  • 3x Jumbo Activity Books Age 5-6:
    • 1x My Sticker Fun: Fun with numbers 1-12
    • 1x Star 2 Star: Numbers 1-75
    • 1x My First Drawing: 6-9 Symbols
  • 3x Jumbo Activity Books Age 6-7:
    • 1x Star 2 Star: Numbers 1-150
    • 1x Mosaic Pictures: Signs and Colors - up to 10 signs
    • 1x Mosaic Pictures: Numbers and Colors - up to 12 colors


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