Crayola My First Scribbler Bundle (Paint, Crayons, Smock, Paper)


  • Thanks to Crayola Ultra-Clean technology, all my first markers, stampers, paintbrush pens, and crayons are easily washable from skin, clothing, and painted walls
  • The featured Crayola washable finger paints come in red, yellow, blue, and green
  • Each palm-grasp, egg-shaped washable crayon (red, yellow, blue) is sized to fit toddlers’ Hands so they can easily make their first marks
  • The Crayola art smock features elastic cuffs with sleeves and adjustable straps for a universal fit and easy cleanup.
  • Thick painting paper helps prevent colors from Bleeding through
  • Arts and crafts supplies make the perfect gift idea for holidays, birthdays, celebrations, and more
  • Safe and non-toxic, ideal for ages 12 months and up

included in the box

  • 1x Toddler art smock
  • 3x Toddler crayons
  • 4x Toddler washable finger paints
  • 20x Pages of extra-large painting paper


90 days

Estimated Delivery Date

Friday, Apr 30 - Tuesday, May 4