Eternal Kitchen Immersion Hand Blender Set


  • Ergonomic Design: The grip offers a non-slip and comfortable grip for long use and continuous blending of ingredients
  • Versatility: Cut, chop, whisk, puree, food prep with measuring cup and lid, chopper, and whisk attachments
  • Portability: The perfect kitchen tool that can go with you anywhere. So lightweight, working it takes no effort
  • Liquid immersion: Cream soup made instantly. Pulse the blade around the soup pot for a few minutes for instant goodness
  • Easy to clean: Simply fill a pot with water and some mild detergent and run the blender. Run in clean water to rinse


  • Measuring cup with lid: 20oz capacity

what’s included?

  • 1x Hand blender
  • 1x Whisk
  • 1x Chopper
  • 1x Measuring Cup with Lid


90 days