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Gallery Perfect 7 Piece Black Wood Photo Frame Gallery Kit

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Hang some frames.

There are little elements of modern living that make the difference when it comes to how a home looks and feels. It’s easy to mistakenly think that this distinction happens at some grandiose level of success and responsibility, like hiring an interior decorator or buying that expensive living room set where the chair matches the couch and the price is more than your first car.

Except it turns out it isn’t about that.

Mostly, having a house that looks good and feels like actual adults live there comes down to little things, like having a hat rack with space for all necessary hats and putting actual things on the walls.

For a lot of us, that falls apart the first time we take something to a frame shop and the guy quotes a dollar figure that feels like it must be off by at least one decimal point. Totally worth it for framing your fishy doctorate from an offshore university that accepts payment only in Bitcoin, but a tough sell for some run-of-the-mill family photos or whatever. The kids just aren’t that cute.

What you need is a bunch of frames in different sizes that match one another and look good on a wall together. Today’s deal is that.

But there’s more.

We know that even as you read this, you may be feeling a rising sense of anxiety centered on the fact that you haven’t put your hands on a physical photograph in years and that there’s only the slimmest of chances that those amazing shots on your phone are actually going to make it into a frame, barring some technology that lets you beam it there directly.

Well we’ve got you covered with some gorgeous black and white photos already in place, respectable enough to look good on your wall in pretty much any configuration you can come up with. This isn’t a bunch of stock photo families smiling like idiots. Think architecture. Think artsy. But most importantly, think about just leaving these in place until you get around to putting actual family photos in there.

C’mon, people. Let’s make this happen.

If you’re still not convinced, though, maybe try today’s more technologically-sophisticated bonus deal which actually DOES let you beam your phone photos right into the frame. (Warning: does not make you look as fashionable and together as having them on the wall.)


  • Seven sleek frames you might actually put on your barren walls
  • Easy to hang
  • Multiple complementary sizes
  • Stylish stock photos included


  • Seven black wood photo frames with removable classic white mats
  • Sleekwall frames in varying sizes for an all-in-one design solution for any room in your home
  • Photo frames can hang either vertically or horizontally
  • Secure hanging hardware included with each frame
  • Multiple layout options to help you build the perfect gallery wall
  • Two sets of contemporary art prints to add a touch of elegance to your décor
  • Wall-Grabber hardware and Easy-to-Hang wall template to save the hassle of measuring and framing
  • Sleekwall frames in varying sizes for an all-in-one design solution for any room in your home

The Gallery Perfect kit will help you arrange a beautiful wall gallery to show off your photos, favorite art prints, or add a fresh look to any room with the two sets of decorative art prints included with each frame.

What’s Included?

  • 1x Gallery Perfect 7 Piece Black Wood Photo Frame Gallery Kit
    • 1x 11" x 14" frame with mat for 8x10 image display
    • 2x 7" x 14" frames with mat for two 4x6 image displays
    • 2x 8" x 10" frames with mat for 5x7 image display
    • 2x 8" x 8" frames with mat for 5x5 image display


90 days