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Ginsu Daku Dishwasher Safe Black Coated 5-Piece Prep Set

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The Knives You Need and Deserve

Ask any real connoisseur of kitchenware and they’ll tell you the value of professional-grade, high-quality knives. They’ll also tell you about the importance of skillfully sharpening them to a precision edge and then painstakingly avoiding putting them in situations where they’ll be nicked or blunted or otherwise destroyed—situations like normal use by normal people in a normal kitchen.

These aren’t fancy knives for fancy chefs. They’re normal knives for normal people that will show up sharp on your doorstep and then stay sharp without you having to do anything.

If that’s your speed, this is your deal.

If you’re a fancypants chef who is presently seething about anyone having the gall to consider Ginsu brand maintenance-free knives, then today’s bonus deal might be more up your alley.

For the rest of us, this comprehensive set of very sharp and very versatile prep knives will do everything without you having to do anything. You don’t have to anything sharpening-wise, that is. You still have to make them cut and such.

And clean them.

But cleaning them happens to be as simple as sticking them in the dishwasher, so as far as real daily use knives go, these are pretty much everything you could ask for, all for fifteen bucks.

You could easily spend $15 on any one of these knives, but we’re going to hook you up with all five. If ever you graduate into fancypants chef territory, you can always keep these in the back of the drawer for when some lesser chef wants to use your kitchen for something and you don’t want to ruin your new ones.

In the meantime—fifteen bucks!


  • 5-piece knife set that never needs sharpening
  • Ceramic coated
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Zero maintenance


  • The Ginsu Daku® series is elegantly designed for long-lasting no-maintenance use
  • Never needs sharpening
  • Utilize a double serration design to provide an ultra-sharp blade to reliably cut through anything
  • Black ceramic coated blades won’t chip or fade
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Set includes:
    • 8" Chef’s knife
    • 8" Slicer Knife
    • Bread Knife
    • Utility Knife
    • Paring Knife

what’s included?

  • 1x Ginsu Daku Dishwasher Safe Black Coated 5-Piece Prep Set


90 days