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Grout Finish Bundle with Repair Caulk and Grout Sealer

Rout Your Grout Doubt

Grout problems are terrible. There’s really only one thing you can do about stained, chipped, missing, or otherwise imperfect grout—try to put it out of your mind, feel embarrassed when you eventually sell the house, then move on with your life.

You know all those hot takes about how emerging generations aren’t as handy as the ones that came before? Yeah that’s where we’re at.

Until today. At least with respect to grout. And caulk, too, a little bit.

This deal gives you all the tools, materials, and instructions you need to tackle minor grout and caulk problems. All you need to do is pick the right color and we’ll take it from there.

Congratulations, homeowner. You’re about to make some ancestors proud for a change.


  • Everything you need for minor grout repair
  • Will also take care of janky caulk (with matching joints!)
  • A bunch of available colors
  • Great tools to help you out


  • Commercial Grade caulk repair helps to fix the nicks and cracks in your caulk without the grout pick
  • Repair and replace damaged or missing grout then recolor it for a uniform, stain-free finish on any tile, stone, or marble.
  • In addition, the kit allows you to replace the caulk around your tile or stone installation after which you can recolor it to match your tile and stone grout joints
  • Roller tip for easy application
  • Brush tip and scrubbing sponge make application and cleanup easier
  • For new or old grout joints
  • Highly resistant to staining

What’s Included?

  • 1x Grout Finish with Caulk Option
    • 1x 8oz Grout Finish in the color of your choice
    • 1x 3oz Caulk


90 days