KingArt PRO Twin-Tip™ 96-Color Marker Set


  • Ninety-Six (96) Unique Colors
  • Brush & Fine Tip
  • Rich & Vivid Colors
  • Color-Coded Caps
  • Color code and name printed on each barrel
  • Superior Blending
  • Acid-Free & Water-Based
  • Odor-less & Non-bleed Special Formula Water-Based ink
  • Non-Toxic & Conforms to ASTM D-4236
  • Paint, Draw, Sketch & Doodle
  • Enjoy Calligraphy, Journaling, Manga, Portrait, Landscape & More

Colors Included:

  • White, Light Sand, Pale Yellow, Lemon, Light Ochre, Bright Yellow, Peach, Tan, Chrome Orange, Gold Ochre, Orange, Orange Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Red Orange, Carmine, Prawn, Persimmon, Blush, Light Pink, Pink Rose, Bright Pink, Pink, Rubine Red, Coral, Light Peach, Red, Wine Red, Bright Red, Port Red, Saddle Brown, Dark Red, Maroon, Grayish Violet, Pale Plum, Plum, Rhodamine Red, Orchid, Purple Sage, Amethyst, Light Purple, Deep Magenta, Violet, Purple, Dark Purple, Imperial Blue, Pale Blue, Glacier Blue, Ultramarine, Deep Blue, Blue, Peacock Blue, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Antwerp Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Light Blue, Hydrangea Blue, Mint, Lapis Lazuli, Willow Green, Chartreuse, Light Olive, Bright Green, Light Green, Kelly Green, Green, Hunter Green, Verdant Green, Grey Green, Pine Green, Forest Green, Olive, Dark Green, Green Blue, Sea Blue, Sea Green, Avocado, Olive Green, Green Brown, Holly Green, Marine Green, Yellow Gold, Gold, Light Brown, Redwood, Brown, Deep Coffee, Agatate, Light Grey, Ash Black, Cool Grey, Dark Grey, Dark Brown and Black.

What’s Included?

  • 96x KingArt PRO Twin-Tip Dual Markers


90 days

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