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Lexibook 200-in-1 Cyber Arcade

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Old school gaming

This tiny arcade console is packed with 200 retro games that’ll take you right back to the good old days, when pixels were few, gameplay was simple, and the only micro-transactions were the quarters you needed to perpetually feed into the machine.

Will you be excited to play through every last title in the 200-game catalog once you get it? Probably not. Some seem a little janky to be honest.

But this is a bunch of old-style games which are more or less as you remember. Not Centipede as much as store-brand Centipede. Still cool though.

So definitely don’t expect a frame-for-frame remake of all your favorite retro titles, but do look forward to an economical little nostalgia package that can scratch a certain itch while also giving younger players a taste of the way things used to be.

Give it a shot. We’re pretty confident you’ll find $14 worth of enjoyment in there.


  • Hundreds of retro games in the palm of you hand
  • Cool mini arcade-style console
  • Tiny but familiar controls
  • 200 nostalgia-inducing titles


  • Get ready to save the world! This handheld console offers 200 games in one sleek package
  • Whether you’re killing time during your lunch break or want to make those long car rides with your kids a little more peaceful, this Lexibook handheld has you covered
  • With no wifi or outlet needed, this arcade can be used anywhere and is the perfect companion for a road trip or even a great boredom buster when the power is out
  • Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included)

What’s Included?

  • 1x Lexibook 200-in-1 Cyber Arcade


90 days