Mobility Wall Deluxe Smooth Roller W/Attachments

The Mobility Wall uses a smooth split foam roller, comes with four attachments, and is great if you are a beginner who is looking for a lower intensity experience.


  • Doorway-mounted design for easy access to hard-to-reach muscles (neck, shoulders, calves)
  • Improved Mobility:
    • Traditional foam rollers limit the areas of the body that can be effectively targeted, focusing on the lower body.
    • With Mobility Wall can you successfully reach crucial areas like the neck, shoulders, back, and chest.
    • The Mobility Wall Smooth roller targets soft tissue to help relieve pain and tension from tight muscles
  • Trigger Point Massage Head:
    • Mobility Wall has two textured EVA foam rollers & 1 trigger point attachment:
    • Small Ball to provide a door more precise experience.
    • The Small Ball is great to use on smaller muscle groups like your neck, low back, & shoulders.
    • Mobility Wall enables users to perfectly target any areas that need special attention, all from an upright, standing position. Adjust the level of pressure applied to your soft tissue.
  • Simple Set Up:
    • Mobility Wall ships assembled & sets up quickly.
    • Unlike traditional foam rollers Mobility wall is a stand-up foam roller that fits between doorframes.
    • It fits most standard doors 26in - 40in. To set up spin the L-brackets until they extend to the width of the doorframe.
    • Twist the tightening grips to fasten.
    • While using make sure to stand on the same side of the L-brackets facing towards the door.
    • Mobility Wall easily adjusts up & down the frame to target different parts of the body
  • All Access Guide:
    • Download the free Instructional App!
    • Includes a Quick Start Setup Guide with Instructional video or watch the Mobility Wall Quick Start videos on our website.
    • Learn the best movements to help relieve pain and tension from tight muscles in many parts.
    • Both pros & beginners can benefit from foam rolling.


  • Small ball attachment:
    • The small diameter provides a deeper experience and makes it easy to target smaller muscle groups like the biceps, triceps, and lateral shoulder.
  • Large ball attachment:
    • The larger diameter provides a less intense experience and is ideal for targeting larger muscle groups like the back, chest, and hamstrings.
  • Fork attachment:
    • The prongs on the fork can provide a deeper more focused experience on areas such as the back of your neck, Achilles tendon, and forearm.
  • Bullet attachment:
    • This advanced attachment is great for micro-targeting individual vertebrae along your spine, in between your toes, and the bottom of your foot.

What’s Included?

  • 1x Mobility Wall Smooth Roller with 4 Attachments
    • 1 Small Ball
    • 1 Big Ball
    • 1 Fork
    • 1 Bullet
  • 1x Instruction Manual


90 days