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Pick-your-2-pack: BottleKeeper Insulated Holder with Opener

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Summer is coming.

Getting back into the swing of summer can be a challenge. Most of us spend at least the first couple of weeks re-learning all the basics that we’ll hopefully take for granted once we get back into the rhythm a little bit.

You’ve got to remember which of your grill burners is the finicky one that needs a little help to get lit. You’ll maybe want to kick your past self for putting the inflatable pool away with that leak you meant to fix in the offseason. You’ll definitely overestimate how well your shorts fit as you try to pull those suckers on for the first warm day of the year.

The point is that summertime logistics can be a little tricky and that we’re here to help you be as prepared as possible with just the right gear. And while we can’t really help with the grill or the pool or the shorts, we can make sure you keep your beer cold with a little help from these insulated bottle holders THAT ACTUALLY LET YOU PUT YOUR WHOLE BOTTLE INSIDE.

Sorry, we’re a little excited on this one. It’s basically like a beer koozie became Iron Man, if Iron Man’s sole purpose was to keep your drink cold. You unscrew the bottom, thread that bottle up inside, and close it all back up again. Your beer keeps chilled, your bottle doesn’t break if you bang it into something, and the whole package looks generally cool thanks to a bunch of options for colors and patterns.

There’s even a bottle opener in the lid, in case yours tends to go missing when you need it most.

We’re approaching a time of year when you need exactly this. Unless of course these days you’re rocking more of a “keep my coffee hot” lifestyle versus that “keep my beer cold” vibe. Or, you know…the “walk around with a cup full of booze that everyone will assume is coffee” angle is a good one, too. If any of that sounds like you, check out today’s bonus deal for some collapsible travel mugs that might be more up your alley.

Whichever deal you choose, you get two!


  • Your choice of style/color to build your own 2-Pack
  • Fits most beverage bottles
  • Tiny protective armor for your drink
  • Keeps it cold!

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  • BottleKeeper is built to fit 99% of beverage bottles
  • Insulated to keep your drink colder, longer, and protected from breakage
  • Made for the typical long neck bottle
  • BottleKeeper comes with a custom-built cap that seals in the frothy goodness
  • Has an opener built into the top of the lid
  • Perfect for the Beach, Pool, Sports Events, Boat Deck, etc
  • Weight: 8.5oz
  • Diameter: 2 3/4"
  • Height with Closed Cap: 10"
  • Standard 12 oz bottle

Included In The Box

  • You Pick 2 - Choose from BottleKeepers in various colors


90 days