Rayon from Bamboo 6-Piece Super Soft Luxury Sheet Set

This 6-Piece Set of Super-Soft Bamboo Bed Sheets continue to attract customers seeking the best in naturally luxurious linens. Whether you love the fact that they are softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton or whether you love these are wrinkle resistant, hypo-allergenic and good for the environment you’ll love these silky, soft sheets night after night!

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Great Sheets and Pillow Cases

Thank u for ur great service from ordering it to having it delivered it was excellent!

Written by @Mexic56 - January 8th 2021
Verified Purchase

Soft sleep well

Feel so good to my skin!

Written by @Anetra - January 6th 2021
Verified Purchase

Perfect fit!

These sheets are beautiful!

Written by @penrique4 - November 12th 2020
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  • Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Ultimate luxury with softness and comfort
  • Enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep with this breathable wrinkle-free material
  • Silky feel and finish with a lasting vibrancy of color no matter how often they are washed
  • Colors include: Silver, Sage, Aqua, White, Ivory, or Taupe
  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King
  • Original Retail Prices:
    • Twin: $89
    • Full: $99
    • Queen: $109
    • King: $119


  • Made of high-strength microfiber/bamboo: 60% 90gsm Microfiber/40% Bamboo
  • Comes with: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 4 pillow cases
  • Each size has deep 16" pockets to fit extra thick mattresses
  • Twin Size Dimensions:
    • Fitted Sheet: 39" x 75"
    • Flat Sheet: 66" x 96"
    • Pillowcases: 20" x 30" each
  • Full Size Dimensions:
    • Fitted Sheet 54" x 75"
    • Flat Sheet 80" x 96"
    • Pillowcases 20" x 30" each
  • Queen Size Dimensions:
    • Fitted Sheet 60" x 80"
    • Flat Sheet 90" x 102"
    • Pillowcases 20"x 30" each
  • King Size Dimensions:
    • Fitted Sheet 78" x 80"
    • Flat Sheet 105" x 102"
    • Pillowcases 20" x 40" each

Included In The Box

  • 1x Flat sheet
  • 1x Fitted sheet
  • 4x Pillowcase


90 days

Available States



Verified Purchase

Great Sheets and Pillow Cases

Thank u for ur great service from ordering it to having it delivered it was excellent!

Written by @Mexic56 - January 8th 2021
Verified Purchase

Soft sleep well

Feel so good to my skin!

Written by @Anetra - January 6th 2021
Verified Purchase

Perfect fit!

These sheets are beautiful!

Written by @penrique4 - November 12th 2020
Verified Purchase


These sheets are of high quality and very comfortable.

Written by @L0ve1yLady - November 9th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bamboo sheets( HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!)

I purchased a set of these bamboo sheets about a year ago. I fell in love with the feel of them on my skin They are AWESOME!! Just ordered another set in Silver Can’t wait to get them, HIGHLY RECOMMEND ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN MENOPAUSE(LIKE ME) OR HAVING A FEW SYMPTOMS------Thses sheets keep the nite seats away from your body, are not drenched from nite sweats when you wake, are super cool in summer months and very nice in winter months.

Written by @JaniceQSymms - November 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bamboo Sheets

Wonderful soft, luxury sheets, absolutely love and highly recommend

Written by @romanriley - November 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bamboo sheets

These sheets are so soft. They fit great! I love them.

Written by @jeanneb - September 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

Rayon from Bamboo Sheets

Beautiful and soft. They r extremely comfortable to sleep in!

Written by @Mexic56 - August 9th 2020
Verified Purchase


So incredibly soft, love my new sheets!

Written by @Aluratrix - August 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

The set is so soft. Am happy with my purchase. I got exactly what was in the set and just may order another set soon.

Written by @JeanetteNestman - August 5th 2020
Verified Purchase

Better Bedding

These sheets were so much better than I expected!

Written by @LindaMuncy - August 1st 2020
Verified Purchase

SO soft

Written by @sandij523 - July 30th 2020
Verified Purchase

Softest sheets ever!

Written by @sharonkustos - July 28th 2020
Verified Purchase

Luxury Sheet set

I love these sheets! They are perfect for our camper!!!

Written by @vickisue - July 26th 2020
Verified Purchase

Soft sheets

They are soft and luxurious

Written by @kathysonny - July 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Sheets are beautiful!

Written by @gailvrusch - July 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

Feel great!

Written by @afinklea - July 20th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very soft and feels Great against My Bare Skin.

Written by @swansonpennie - April 20th 2020
Verified Purchase


Beautiful color and hypoallergenic helps me with allergies to dust mites.

Written by @Woovette27 - April 13th 2020
Verified Purchase

Bamboo Dreams

I have owned these sheets before but never gotten them with 4 pillow cases so when I saw this deal I jumped on it for 2 set’s. They are worth the price!

Written by @BrandonZacharyA - April 4th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love the fit

So soft and comfy!!!

Written by @22Dee - April 3rd 2020
Verified Purchase

I love the product. I already have a set and these are for my granddaughters.

Written by @cat1512 - March 22nd 2020
Verified Purchase


Love the design and feel of these bed sheets sets.

Written by @msmeg - March 9th 2020
Verified Purchase

Love it!

Exactly what was advertised. Very happy with color and feel.

Written by @marylayly - March 8th 2020
Verified Purchase

Comfort and quality

I like the sheets because they look good, are comfortable, and very easy to wash. Take no time at all. Just one thing that I found troubling was a lot of lose thread which I had to cut off. Was concerned because I don’t want it to cause any seems coming lose.

Written by @LookGood4evr - December 11th 2020
Verified Purchase

Arrived in just a few days

They are soft and roomy. There are two little black spots on the bottom sheet, but I’m hoping those come off in the wash. Not a bad deal to get Bamboo sheets for $39. I’d buy them again.

Written by @arlinecv - April 6th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very light

Light and airy, but sonis the color, the only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars. Looks darker in photo. But they’re soft and cozy. Love them so far.

Written by @SabrinaM79 - July 7th 2019
Verified Purchase

Bamboo sheets

Could be softer even thicker material

Written by @stacydemyan - January 10th 2021
Verified Purchase

Too Thin

I thought these sheets were a 1000 thread count. They are paper thin. Too much trouble to send back. One thing I do like they are very soft.

Written by @Kasch777 - November 27th 2020
Verified Purchase

Did not like the color

Written by @titinee - July 23rd 2020
Verified Purchase

The softness of the sheets are a plus!

The sheets are so soft as stated. One sheet arrived with a large amount of black dirt on it. It was in the package zipped, but I don’t know how it had dirt on it. The rest of the set was okay.

Written by @57wjean - March 24th 2020
Verified Purchase

Very thin

I have other bamboo sheets that I love but these are very thin and barely fit my mattress. Not a fan of them at all!

Written by @luckylu - March 10th 2020
Verified Purchase

This is not reason from bamboo

Very unhappy with this sheet set. Itv reads reason from bamboo. Instead the sheets and cases are very thin. I bought a reason from bamboo sheet set from Walmart and it’s very heavy. It’s the only sheet i like to put on my bed and it keeps you cool.

Written by @nduncan - January 2nd 2021
Verified Purchase

Worst sheets ever

The sheets are so thin i doubt they will last 6 months. The only reason I will try to use them is I spent $40 to buy trusting MorningSave’s word that they were worth twice that!!! I could have bought from any number of department stores and received superior quality sheets for nearly same price. You only hurt yourself as I will never buy from you again

Written by @marquita - August 16th 2020
Verified Purchase

Did not get what they said was in the box😡

False advertising said it comes with 4 pillowcases and only got 2 very disappointing

Written by @noname2582 - August 14th 2020
Verified Purchase

Don't buy it.

I dislike everything: color, how it feels, that it could be washed in cold water (it comes in contact with the body) and above everything your return policy. It sucks. Please remove me from your mailing list.

Written by @ibandyo - July 29th 2020
Verified Purchase

Misleading advertising

These sheets are so thin you can see through them! I was going to wash them before use, so as I started to remove a pillow case from the package I noticed how sheer and thin the material was. The pillow case went back into the package. I thought they we’re supposed to be 1,000 thread count- OH, now I see as I go to their advertising -they kept MENTIONING 1,000 thread count in the TV promo, but NOT that this product had 1,000 ct but COMPARED it to a 1,000ct. My husband also was led to believe/tricked into thinking it was 1,000 ct.
I have contacted Morningsave 2X in the last 10 days and have not gotten a response-yet Morningsave states that they respond within 1-2 business days. This is the first time I have ordered from Morningsave and probably the last. Maybe this product is a one off but Morningsave is not communicating with me. There is no phone contact for Morningsave, only write your message and wait for them to not respond.
I do NOT recommend this product and probably not Morningsave as a place to purchase from.

Written by @dealsforzoe - April 23rd 2020