Red Copper Flipwich Panini and Sandwich Maker

Red Copper Flipwich is the revolutionary stovetop panini and sandwich maker that makes flipping sandwiches easy. Make hot sandwiches in minutes! Red Copper Flipwich has two interlocking grill pans that are coated with a copper infused ceramic surface. Thanks to the double-coating, food slides out of the pan. Say goodbye to gunked on cheese, torn bread, and messy fillings.

The lightweight, non-stick pan creates a twin sealed environment for cooking your sandwich. This makes cooking times so much faster. Aluminum induction plates rapidly distribute heat evenly. Flipping your sandwich in a frying pan is messy. Red Copper Flipwich allows you to flip your sandwich in a single step.


  • Non-stick pan: grill plates coated with non-stick copper-infused ceramic so food doesn’t stick
  • Super-easy: grill your favorite sandwiches without your fillings spilling, thanks to effortless flipping


  • Non-stick, scratch resistant surface
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Handle-clip that locks tight
  • Aluminum induction plate distributes heat evenly
  • Durable, riveted handles
  • Cooks without butter, oil, or grease
  • Not dishwasher, microwave, or oven safe
  • Copper infused ceramic cookware
  • Includes recipe guide
  • Dimensions: 14.62 x 7.12 x 1.87 inches

What’s Included?

1x Red Copper Flipwich Panini and Sandwich Maker