SportsTrail Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course


  • Perfect workout course for adults and children
  • Premium quality, very durable materials
  • 13 square buckle sets that can be moved allowing you to choose the difficulty of the course
  • Remove the obstacles to use it as a typical slackline
  • Always use tree protectors when installing obstacle course because it will protect the trees and your Slackline
  • Padded Sack Bag so that you can store the gear and take it everywhere
  • Quick and safe to set up almost anywhere. All you need is two mature trees, pillars, beams or bars which are 10-30ft apart and can withstand a minimum force of 2200 pounds
  • Install it on your backyard, playground, outdoor, home gym, basement, pool, fitness class, camping trip, beach park, etc
  • Can be used by adults and children from ages 5+


Materials: 42’ x 2’’ slackline webbing, 8’ x 2’’ ratchet webbing, steel ratchet with rubberized grips
Weight Limit: 440 lbs

What’s Included?

  • 1x Slackline webbing
  • 1x Ratchet webbing
  • 1x Steel ratchet with rubberized grips
  • 13x Square buckle sets
  • 7x obstacles
  • 1x Climbing rope
  • 2x Tree protectors
  • 1x Carry bag


90 days