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Swiss Tech Seat Protector

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Protect you seats, sanity

Ahh, getting back to normal, a return to the simple details that used to make up life, like…cubicles…and office banter…and traffic…

Well being within six feet of people again will be kind of fun at least.

As for the rest, we definitely recommend doing what you can to ease back in. Like that traffic one. We can’t really do anything to keep you out of long lines of cars, but if you’re going to start spending more time behind the wheel again, it’s a nice chance to make some upgrades to your cozy automotive cocoon.

Kids’ activities ramping up again? Something as simple as this seat cover can help make the family taxi just a little more livable. Protect your seats and give yourself some handy pouches and pockets to get a handle on the weird amount of child junk that always accumulates in a car. You know, the random tiny pieces of toys and the always-naked Barbie dolls and the perfectly preserved French fry that fell down between the seats.

Start reclaiming your car for just ten bucks. Your seats (and your floors and your French fry) will thank you.

And if you aren’t currently experiencing kid-related car seat problems, we bet you could at least use a little help with some slick USB charging solutions to sprinkle through your various car outlets. Consider today’s bonus deal and charge your phone with the tidy sophistication you deserve.


  • Filth-concealing black color
  • Waterproof construction
  • Anti-slip top and bottom
  • Handy storage that the kids can reach


  • Helps protect your precious car seats from possible dirt, scuffs, and damage
  • Also protects your car seats from damage from kids’ booster seats
  • lies on the base of the back seat and flaps downward to expose two netted compartments for snacks or drinks
  • Black in color for easy cleaning and stain prevention
  • Waterproof
  • Featured wedge keeps seat protector in place
  • Durable textured top and bottom surface helps prevent slipping
  • 9" x 1" x 20"
  • 1.63 lbs

included in the box

  • 1x Swiss Tech Seat Protector


90 days