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24-Pack: Trojan Sensitivity Ultra Thin Lubricated Latex Condoms

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Wrap it up, guys.

Do you know why divorce is so expensive? Because it’s worth it.

(90s standup comedy rimshot)

But seriously, folks…same deal with condoms. They really are quite pricey, but damned if they aren’t worth every penny. And if you balk at the price tag of contraception, just wait until you see the price tag of no contraception. Same deal with STDs, but penicillin is way cheaper than minivans and bouncy seats.

Anyway, today you can get a generous 24 pack for just eight bucks. And if getting deeply discounted sexual accessories from snarky daily deal websites is wrong, we don’t want to be right.


  • A 24-pack of Trojans for just eight bucks
  • Electronically tested, as opposed to whatever the alternative is
  • Ultra thin
  • Latex (but they don’t really smell like it)


  • Advanced micro-thin technology is designed to help you feel closer than ever
  • These barely-there condoms maximize sensitivity for enhanced pleasure
  • Designed with a special reservoir tip, these ultra-thin condoms offer extra protection
  • Features silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity
  • Premium quality low-odor latex helps ensure reliability
  • Electronically tested for strength to help ensure reliability
  • Lubricated condoms made with premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs
  • Standard Size
  • Size and Fit Guide
  • Shape: Straight
  • Expiration Date: 1/23

What’s Included?

  • 1x 24-Pack: Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms


90 days