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King Art 43-Piece Fineliner Brush Pens, Black Assorted Nib Pens & Watercolor Pad

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Remember the smell of fresh art supplies?

A long time ago, you used to make art.

That was awesome.

What the heck happened to that, anyway?

Maybe the last time you made something just for the sake of making it, you were in fourth grade, gluing together a macaroni duck. Maybe you were a proper artist back in high school, sketching away, oblivious to the freight train of adulthood barreling your way. Or perhaps you kept at it long after school, but eventually came back less and less as the demands of life began to pile up around you, like bills on the back of a toilet tank.

What, you don’t handle your mail in the bathroom? Well maybe there’s hope for you yet!

Because sometimes all it takes to get those artistic juices flowing again is a little bit of free time and some supplies. As for free time, well…you know. You’ve got that. But what to do about supplies? That one we know.

Honestly, a nice brush pen set, some black nib pens and a high-quality watercolor pad is not the kind of thing you’re going to go out and buy for yourself. You aren’t going to go stand in line at the craft store next to a shelf full of variously-sized styrofoam balls and then buy this stuff.

Yet somehow we have a feeling that if we could manage to make this great stuff simply show up on your porch, it’s pretty likely that you’ll break into it like a little kid opening a birthday present and start making some art happen at the kitchen table.

Allow us to give you everything you need to start letting the creativity flow. We’ve even got a bonus deal with even more great stuff to help bring out your artistic side.

Either way, it’ll do you some good. It just might be the best thirty bucks you spend this year.


  • Fineline nib pens
  • Dual tip brush pens
  • Satisfyingly heavy paper pad
  • Stellar quality all around


PRO Inkline Fineline Nib Pens

  • Comes with 6 black assorted nib pens
  • Pen tips sizes range from .2 mm to .5 mm
  • Non-toxic, waterproof archival ink
  • Fade-resistant and won’t bleed through most papers
  • Smooth and reliable—no skips, blots, smears, or feathering

Fineliner Dual Tip Brush Pens

  • Comes with 36 uniquly rich colors
  • Air tight, anti-roll color-coded caps
  • Superior Blend-ability
  • Acid-Free & odor-less
  • Special non-bleed water-based Ink formula
  • Great for Fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling, hand lettering and more

Spiral Heavy Weight Paper Pad 9.25" x 12"

  • 30 Sheets of white paper
  • Heavyweight paper perfect for water-intensive techniques and scrubbing
  • Finely textured (cold pressed) sheets for both detailed work and washes
  • Easy-to-use notebook format
  • Micro-perforated for easy removal
  • Optimized for both wet & dry media
  • Acid-free so colors won’t fade
  • Dual-Sided: Each thick, durable sheet of paper comes with a smooth side as well as a textured side, allowing for flexibility

What’s Included?

  • 36x Fineliner Dual Tip Brush Pens
  • 6x PRO Inkline Fineline Nib Pens
  • 1x Spiral Watercolor Pad


90 days