4-Pack: JoyJolt Star Wars Awake Mandalorian Double-Wall Glass Mugs (13.5 oz)

Elevate your morning coffee with the JoyJolt Awake Mandalorian coffee mugs. Featuring our signature double wall design, these insulated borosilicate mugs keep hot drinks hot while staying cool to the touch, so you can enjoy your beverage at your preferred temperature, for longer. Uniquely designed for Mandalorian fans, the Awake collection features three illustrated drawings of Grogu on the walls of the glass coffee mugs. The Awake Mandalorian coffee cups hold 13.5 oz of liquid and are perfect for drip coffee, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, and more!


  • Three fun and colorful images of Grogu embedded on the luxury borosilicate glass walls
    • Still Sleepin’, Not Yet, and Awake
  • Brew Jedi-quality coffee, tea, or hot chocolate then set and savor every sip
  • A sturdy handle that is easy to grip , so you can comfortably cradle in your hand
  • Its thermoresistant borosilicate glass keeps drinks hot while staying cool to the touch
  • The double wall design creates a stunning optical illusion
  • Your beverage will look as if it’s floating in mid-air
  • With long half an inch thick handles, they’re easy to pick up and hold
  • The standard 1/8” rim is pleasant to drink from and doesn’t spill or splatter
  • The dense borosilicate glass makes these deluxe Mandalorian coffee mugs ideal for everyday use — and like “The Child,” they are lomng-lasting!


Capacity (Volume): 13.5 Ounces
Dimensions (Overall): 4.62 inches (H) x 5.46 inches (W)
Material: Thermoresistant Borosilicate Glass
Handle: 1/8" Rim
Compatibility: Most Espresso or Coffee Machines
Used For: Hot or Cold Beverages
Number of Pieces: 4

What’s Included?

  • 4x JoyJolt Star Wars Awake Mandalorian Double-Wall Glass Mugs (13.5 oz)


90 days