48-Pack: More Labs Liquid Focus Nootropic Smart Drink

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  • Designed to heighten focus, boost productivity, and increase energy without the jitters
  • Contains synergistic caffeine and l-theanine which is known to enhance cognitive performance better than caffeine alone
  • Formulated to help your mind focus without the jitters
  • Only made of the good stuff with no artificial colors or other additives
  • Perfect to take on the go
  • Try it at home, out on the town, or while traveling
  • Net weight: 3.4 fl oz (100 ml) per bottle
  • Best By: 4/2024


How to Use

  • Take Liquid Focus:
  • Take one bottle 30 minutes before you need to get things done
  • Elevate your performance:
  • Perform at your peak without the crash or jitters
  • Live life to its fullest:
  • Enjoy increased focus and energy
L-Carnitine: Helps support healthy brain cell function
Mucana Pruriens Extract: Contains L-dopa, which helps increase neurotransmitter production
L-Theanine: Modulates caffeine and combats stress for alertness without jitters
Panax Ginseng Extract: Supports memory and learning
Huperzia Serrata Extract: Supports healthy neurotransmission and cognitive health
Vitamins: Transforms nutrients and fat into ATP and fuels the brain
Caffeine: Helps improve attention and memory
Electrolytes: Hydration
Flavor: Berry

What’s Included?

  • 48x More Labs Liquid Focus 3.4oz Bottles Nootropic Smart Drink (Berry Flavor)


90 days

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