Dreametech D9 Max Robot Vacuum & Mop

Elevate your cleaning routine with the Dreametech D9 Max Robot Vacuum & Mop. Smart mapping, powerful suction, and convenient controls make it a must-have for a spotless home. Embrace advanced technology for effortless cleaning and maintain a pristine living space effortlessly.



  • The Dreametech D9 Max combines advanced technology for efficient robot vacuuming and mopping, ensuring a thorough clean
  • Equipped with smart mapping and navigation, the D9 Max efficiently navigates your home, creating a precise cleaning path
  • The integrated mop ensures effective mopping, adding an extra layer of cleanliness to your floors
  • Experience strong suction power that effectively lifts dirt and debris, leaving your floors spotless
  • The D9 Max boasts a long-lasting battery, allowing it to cover more ground on a single charge and complete thorough cleaning sessions
  • Conveniently control your cleaning sessions using the smartphone app, providing flexibility and ease of use
  • Compatible with voice control systems, allowing you to command your robot vacuum with simple voice commands
  • Equipped with advanced sensors, the D9 Max navigates around obstacles and furniture, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience
  • The robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery is low, ensuring it’s always ready for the next cleaning session
  • With a spacious dustbin, the D9 Max can handle more dirt and debris, reducing the frequency of emptying
  • Enjoy a peaceful environment with the D9 Max’s quiet operation, allowing it to clean without causing disruption


  • Super Suction Power
    With 4000Pa of intense suction, it effortlessly picks up dirt and messes from the surface and deep within carpets. It offers 4 levels of suction and adjusts the cleaning power according to the degree of dirt.
  • Smart-Cleaning LiDAR
    The advanced Lidar navigation ensures better accuracy, faster mapping, improved obstacle avoidance, and efficient route planning.
  • Vacuum and Mop 2-in-1
    Equipped with a 270ml water tank, 570ml dust tank, and 3 levels of water flow, it thoroughly cleans your house by providing effective sweeping and mopping.
  • 180 mins Overlong Runtime
    The high-capacity 5200mAh battery offers an extended 180-minute runtime, allowing it to clean up to 2690 sqft in a single charge, making your cleaning sessions last longer.
  • Smart App Control
    Take control with the app remote, adjust suction power, set up virtual walls, and more. Compatible with Alexa for voice commands, and the robot responds instantly.


Suction Power: 4000Pa
Navigation: LiDAR Naviagtion
2-in-1: Vacuum & Mop
Runtime: 180 mins
Voice Commands: Compatible with Alexa
Dust Tank Capacity: 570ml
Water Tank Capacity: 270ml
Battery Capacity: 5,200mAh
Rated Input: 100-240 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz 0.5A
Rated Power: 40W
Connection Type: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Dimension: 16 × 14 × 9"
User Manual: PDF Download
Dreametech App Links: Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

What’s Included?

  • 1x Dreametech D9 Max Robot Vacuum & Mop
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x User Manual

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