4-Pack: Spin Master and Bicycle Party Games


It’s Blunderful

  • Simple, fun and engaging
  • Bet on how others would respond in various awkward situations
  • Everyone takes a turn to read a card with an awkward situation and accompanying reactions
  • The other players make their wager and guess how the reader would respond
  • Guess the correct answer and you get the points you wagered
  • So easy to learn, you will be having fun in 30 seconds
  • Take to board game night, holiday gatherings, bachelorette party or a dinner party

The Sweet and Spicy Truth

  • Each player takes a turn being asked a Sweet, Medium, or Spicy question
  • Sweet questions are innocent, general questions such as “Would you eat your favorite meal every day for the rest of your life?”
  • Medium questions are more deeply philosophical, such as “Are people mostly good or mostly bad?”
  • While Spicy questions are much more intimate, such as “Are you OK with having sex on the first date?”
  • Once the reader chooses their answer, the rest of the players decide if the reader answered “Yes” or “No.” The reader then reveals their answer. Those that answered correctly will gain one point. Those that answered incorrectly will lose one point.
  • With lots of juicy questions, you are bound to learn something about your friends you didn’t know before!

M.A.S.H. Adult Version

  • Hilariously fun, adult party game puts a twist on the classic fortune-telling game
  • Quick 10 to 20-minute play is perfect for anytime you want to play
  • Thousands of different futures are possible since MASH includes 300 Fate Cards in 6 unique categories and 40 Scenario Cards, making the game endlessly playable!
  • Allows you to get creative with your answers! If you feel uninspired by your choices, there are dry erase cards that let you write whatever answer you want.

Dirty Dough

  • How filthy are your friends? In this hilariously indecent party game for adults, players test their creativity and depravity as they sculpt!
  • Players use clue cards and dough (included) to mold and make downright disgusting scenes. Guess the clue correctly and win!
  • Players select clues from three categories: Sexy, Kinky, and Disgusting.
  • Game night quickly becomes over-the-top fun with Dirty Dough!
  • Dirty Dough is a party game for adults only. Three or more players can play the game where only the filthiest minds win!

What’s Included?

  • 1x It’s Blunderful
  • 1x The Sweet and Spicy Truth
  • 1x M.A.S.H. Adult Version
  • 1x Dirty Dough


90 days

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