StarTastic Holiday Laser Projector with 12 Holiday Slides

StarTastic motion holiday projector the all in one holiday light solution! This outdoor laser projector is an easy way to light up your home & garden for any party occasion especially Christmas & New Year’s. No more climbing up ladders & hanging string lights for hours. Choose from over 12 different holiday slides (5 Halloween slides, 5 Christmas slides & 2 New Year’s slides)!



  • The Laser Projector is very easy to install, all you need to do is just plug it in to a regular outlet, perhaps through an extension cord, and you are all set, no ladders or other tools needed
  • Projection coverage is over 4000 square feet. It has the ability to reach areas which general decorative lights cannot
  • The Laser Projector is ideal for garden/tree/outdoor wall decoration which makes it one of the fastest outdoor Christmas landscape lighting solutions
  • Also an easy way to light up your home inside for holidays. A hassle-free way to enhance your Christmas decor


  • The StarTastic Outdoor Laser Projector uses laser holographic technology found in theme parks to project breathtaking images onto any surface
  • Weather-resistant to withstand snow, rain and intense sun


  • The Projector does not include a remote, timer OR shutoff, so please plug the power and unplug the power manually or connect to a device that can be programmed
  • Keep in mind that there should be no visual obstructions between the StarTastic unit and the surface where the projection will show
  • Projections will not appear as intensely until the sky is dark
  • For long-term usage, we advise you to run it for less than 8 hours at a time and then rest for 30 minutes


  • Water & cold resistant & can even work at below -35 degrees
  • This item contains lasers & should be handled properly; never look directly at the laser beam; do not view the laser pointer using optical instruments like binoculars or microscopes
  • Children should not use the laser pointers unless under the close supervision of an adult
  • Laser classification - class 111A
  • Power input: 100V - 240V AC

What’s Included?

  • 1x StarTastic Holiday Laser Projector with 12 Holiday Slides
  • 1x Projector
  • 12x Slides (1 installed including 5 Christmas slides, 5 Halloween slides, and 2 New Year slides)
  • 1x 6ft AC Power adapter
  • 1x Tripod
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Stake with a single screw (screw is in cardboard)


90 days

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