Scrub-It 6-Piece Car Wash Kit


  • Car wash and wax kit includes all the tools you need to keep your car at its best
  • Includes an all-purpose microfiber cloth, a microfiber glass cleaning cloth, an alloy cleaning brush, a 2-in-1 microfiber wash mitt, a compact squeegee, and an applicator pad
  • These cleaning tools cover all the bases for keeping the interior and exterior looking brand new
  • Use the soft microfiber cloth, applicator pad, and wash mitt for the body and interior for washing, waxing, and polishing
  • Clean your windows inside and out with the glass cleaning cloth and squeegee
  • The handy and convenient alloy wheel brush keeps them shining and clean
  • We use only the best polyester blends for our microfiber items, durable rubber for the squeegee and strong fibers for the alloy brush, so you can keep your car clean and shiny over the long term


  • Dimensions:
    • Squeegee: 7.5" W x 9.8" H (includes handle)
    • Brush: 10" L x 2.8" H
    • Mitt: 9.8" L x 6.5" H
    • Glass Cloth: 15.7" L x 15.7" W
    • All-Purpose Cloth: 15.7" L x 15.7" W
    • Applicator Pad: 4.7" Diameter

What’s Included?

  • 1x Scrub-It 6-Piece Car Wash Kit
    • 1x Compact Squeegee with handle
    • 1x Alloy Wheel Brush
    • 1x 2-in-1 Microfiber Wash Mitt
    • 1x Microfiber Glass Cloth
    • 1x Microfiber All-Purpose Cloth
    • 1x Applicator Pad


90 days

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