SACHEU Beauty Silky Sleep Set in Gift Box

This Sleep Set is the perfect addition to your beauty sleep. It reduces friction to keep hair frizz-free and gentle on all hair and skin types.


  • Keeps your nighttime skincare in place with reduced friction and absorption, in comparison to traditional cotton fibers
  • Luxuriously soft and comfortable fabric that is gentle on all skin types and will elevate your beauty sleep
  • Hair-friendly fibers that protect your locks from tangles and breakage while preserving your blowout


  • Pillowcase size:
    • Fits a standard/queen size pillow

What’s Included?

  • 1x SACHEU Beauty Silky Sleep Essentials Set in Pink that includes:
  • 1x Silky eye mask
  • 1x Silky pillowcase
  • 3x Silky sleep scrunchies


90 days

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